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Why are you always right dear? And why am I always wrong?

For that’s the way it seems to me, when you waggle that acid tongue.

The tongue you waggle loudest, with only one voice heard,

spluttering utter nonsense and sounding rather absurd.

For when you have an argument, you need two points of view,

an argument from me dear, then an argument from you.

That’s how you reach agreement, or agree to disagree,

a grievance aired by you dear, and then one aired by me.

So when we’ve had our say dear, we’ll stay calm, remain polite,

whereas you still think that shouting will always make you right.

There has to be some compromise, whether right or wrong,

but this will be impossible, lest you calm your poisonous tongue.


How often is this true? Sadly too often.
Why do we try to hurt each other, it's usually about something that happened in the past anyway.
If you have got over whatever the problem was and moved on, then why bring it up afresh as a horrible thing to use in an argument. How sad we can be at times.
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