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1891, in Rome, Italy, inside the Sistine Chapel, was when and where the precious green pearl was hidden. The guardians of the said place had always been vigilant to protect the sacred material. The green pearl was placed inside a small, metallic box that was concealed inside a seemingly, unnoticeable spot just within a room in the Sistine Chapel. Burglars had been attempting to steal it, but because of the swiftness and vigilance of the guardians, all the attempts were held rubbish. The green pearl, which had a magical nature, had always been the apple of the eye for everyone, especially to a woman named Anni. This happened during the present time, of the 21st century.
"Well, many years had passed, and the precious gem is still not in the palm of my hands. But one day, you'll be mine, green pearl." Said Anni, a burglar who had stolen at least a hundred precious materials of any type. She'd been the highest paid burglar across the world. She'd been changing her name, her image, because she'd been one of the most wanted burglars all over the world. Anni Eastwood, 33 years old, was a tall woman. She was 5 feet 10 inches tall, had a fair complexion, with rosy cheeks, perfect lips, and was a clever girl. She had been on the black business for more than ten years. She'd gone to Japan, Australia, Siberia, Africa, and now, her most recent target, is Italy.
"This way Ma'am." one of the flight attendants said while giving her instructions on where to sit inside the plane.
"Thank you." she replied.
"Oh wait. Your face looks familiar. Uhm...." the perplexed flight attendant said while staring at Anni's face. It was as if she knew her.
"Really? I do look like whom?" the scared woman replied. She thought that the flight attendant might have recognized her. Her palms started to sweat so she rubbed those against her jeans while trying to look natural. She didn't want to get busted.
"Yeah. You look like Demi Moore. You are so beautiful. Enjoy your trip Ma'am." the flight attendant said.
"Thanks. This way right?" the relieved woman asked as she was walking her way on to her seat in the plane. Then, she added, "That was close. Oh, well."
After an 8-hour flight heading to Rome, she finally landed at the airport. It was about 7 Pm at that time. She immediately went to the hotel, changed her image again by dyeing and cutting her hair. She also wore contact lenses. She was desperate to get the green pearl which was placed inside the Sistine Chapel. While she was inside the room of the hotel, after changing her image, she missed the feeling of having a child. So, she turned on her cellphone, and looked at the photo of her late child, Abe.
"Oh God. I missed you Abe." she said, while crying. Then she added, "One day, you'll realize why I'm doing this. I love you, my son."
It was almost 2 AM, when Anni decided to sleep. She would be executing her plan tomorrow night, at about 6:30 PM. Instead of having allies, Anni was working all by herself. The next day, at about 8:15 AM, Anni woke up when a ray of light struck her fresh face. She then realized that it was day time. She stood up from her bed, went to the corner of her room, stared amidst the white, soft curtain, then slipped it off, to look at the picturesque view outside the hotel.
"Wow. I never knew that Rome looks as good as this one. I feel like I'm in paradise." she said, while looking at the view from her hotel room. She was on the 37th floor so it was over-looking.
"If only I could turn back time." the lonely mother said, as if she was regretting something.
She spend the whole day inside the room, thinking of how to execute a perfect crime. It wasn't as if it was her first time to do a crime, but this one was different, so she felt anxious. This one was crucial for her, the most important, actually.
"Lord, I know I had been sinful for all the crimes that I've done. But trust me, this will be the last one, and you know why I am doing this." she prayed to God.
It was past 6 PM. She got ready with everything. She looked so good with her black dress designed by Monique Lhuillier. She looked astonishing. No trace of crime would be found the moment you glance at the angelic face of Anni.
At 6:30 PM, she arrived at the Sistine Chapel. She got inside. She meditated for almost an hour. After medidating, she went into the rest room just at the back of the chapel. While inside the cubicle, she said, "I am sorry, Lord." Then she continued with the plan. The ceiling within the cubicle had a small opening. She opened it, she swiftly got inside, and she hid there for almost 4 hours, until it was 12 Midnight when the chapel had closed.
"All right. No time for suffering now. It's time to go out." the courageous woman said while slowly getting out of the ceiling. She ensured that she'd be invisible, and inaudible, if possible. Otherwise, she'd get caught by the guardians.
While tiptoeing her way into the place where the green pearl was hidden, she accidentally tripped and made noise. The guardians heard it, so they were alarmed and at once rushed into the scene.
"What could that sound be? I think someone is inside the chapel. Let's search the whole area." the master guardian said to the other guardians.
"Oh no. I should find a place to hide." the frightened lady slowly said, while walking into the corner, and hiding herself down the table.
While the guardians were busy searching for the person who could have broken the silence earlier, Anni walked her way into the place where the grean pearl was hidden. She luckily found the place, and there were no guardians. She immediately went inside the room, and searched for the metallic box.
"Come on. Where are you?" the nervous girl said while trying to speed up on her search for the box which contained the gem.
For almost five minutes, she still didn't find the box. But she thought of what the clue was on how to find the box. She recalled it. And so, she went on to the corner of the room. She touched each part of the wall. She's trying to push it hoping that it would depress.
"Oh no. I've never had a case like this before. This one is surely agonizing." the lady said while keeping on pressing each part of the wall.
After a few minutes, she finally found the metallic box which contained the precious gem.
"There you are! I love you." the relieved woman said, after she found what she'd searched for.
A few moments later, the guardians were on their way back to the room, and there they saw the woman, murmuring latin words while holding the green pearl close to her mouth. She was closing her eyes and seemed like concentrating on having a good outcome. Then one of the guardians warned her,
"Let go of the green pearl. It's not meant for you. It's for sacred people."
The lady kept on repeating what she had been murmuring. She didn't respond to the warnings of the guardian.
"This is our final warning. If you won't let go, I will shoot you." the master guardian said, with full of conviction.
"Dimitte mortuos, reviviscant. Hoc praeterito, praesenti esse." Anni kept on saying.
Anni didn't let go of it, so she unfortunately got shot. Anni fell down the ground, with a gunshot in her heart.
That midnight, of Sept 7, 2011, was when Anni, a burglar, failed with her plan. That night, was subsequently, the night, the green pearl was used again after a few centuries. The guardians kept the green pearl again inside the metallic box, and they hid it to a different area. The Sistine Chapel again became a safe place for the green pearl.
"Good morning mom." a cute baby boy woke a lady up who was still lying in her bed.
"Oh hi. What time is it now, Abe?" Anni asked the cute boy. She still was unconscious of everything that had happened in Rome. She looked at her alarm clock, and it had shown:
Sept. 7, 1999, 6:30 AM. The green pearl worked after she murmured the latin words - Dimitte mortuos, reviviscant. Hoc praeterito, praesenti esse, which meant, LET THE DEAD, LIVE AGAIN. LET THE PAST, BE THE PRESENT.
It helped her go back in time, when everything was still good, when she still wasn't a burglar, and when she still had her baby boy, Abe. And now, she's not going to do the same mistakes again. She's never going to let her baby boy perish. And she's never going back to her life, of being a burglar. She thanked the Lord God for a second of life. And now, the mystery of the green pearl, has finally been unveiled.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Jaydee John Villegas Capuras.
Published on e-Stories.org on 10/08/2011.


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