Jaydee John Villegas Capuras


"Mom, I'll just go and check the rooms upstairs." said Michelle, a 22-year old college student from Nebraska. She asked permission from her mom to go upstairs and check the rooms.

"All right. Be careful baby." her mother named Alice, replied. Her mom had worked as a lawyer and had been divorced to her dad a long time ago even before she reached her teenage life.

The two of them were actually looking for a new house; a bigger one. After her mom had saved enough money, they started to search for houses. They wanted to have a huge house, with a pool at the backyard.

"Mom, there are five rooms upstairs. I like the one that has an overlooking view to our backyard, because I want to see the infinity pool, from my room. Can I take it?" Michelle asked her mom in a convincing manner.

"Well, of course baby. Anything, for you." her sweet mom replied.

The two of them had finally decided to take the house. They would start moving in tomorrow morning. So, after the mortgage broker had shown them the entire house, they went back home to Nebraska. Alice and Michelle actually had a very strong mother-daughter relationship that had even been reinforced after Michelle's parents split up.

"Mom, I think the house is fantastic! I can't wait to be there tomorrow!" Michelle said while she was inside the car with her mom.

"Me too, baby. That's what we had been dreaming, right? To live in a huge mansion." her mom replied while driving the car.

They arrived at Nebraska and rested. The next day, they contacted the personnel who could help them move their stuffs in to Missouri, where the mansion was located. The personnel then arrived at the house and started to pack everything up. When everything was good to go, Alice and Michelle looked at their small house; the house full of memories.

"Mom, although this house ain't a mansion, this is still my comfort zone. All the memories of what happened within this house, will forever be locked in my heart." Michelle said to her mom.

"Oh, I know baby. Come here and give your mom a hug." her mother replied to her teary-eyed daughter.

Then, they started with their journey towards the big mansion. They arrived there at about 12 in the afternoon and they finished putting up everything at about 5 PM. But the house was still a bit messy. Then, they decided to rest. The people who helped already left. It was only Michelle and her mom, Alice, inside.

"Mom, I think I need to take a bath." Michelle said.

"All right baby, do you know where the shampoo is?" she asked.

"Yes mom, it's upstairs, in my room" she replied.

She went upstairs and got inside her room. When she got inside, she lay in her bed, and closed her eyes. Then, she said,

"Dad, I wish you were here. So, we could be a happy family."

She started to weep, for she still longed for her dad who left them when she was 11 years old. Her dad married someone else, and already had another family. She then stood up and went to the bathroom. The darkness of the night started to envelop the sky. It was night time. She took a bath for almost an hour. After which, she went outside the bathroom and put on her clothes. Then, her mother called her up.

"Baby, it's time for dinner. Come on down."

"All right mom. I'm coming." she replied.

They had a good dinner downstairs. After which, they went to their own rooms upstairs, and rested. It was almost 9 pm when the two of them had fallen asleep. They slept early because they both got tired. At about 3 AM, the silence of the dawn was broken, when Michelle screamed.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Stay away from me..................................!"

Alice woke up for she was alarmed and rushed on her way towards her daughter's room. When she opened the door, she saw her daughter lying in the bed, sleeping and continuously screaming. She woke her up and said,

"Alice, baby. Hey, it's just a dream. Wake up now."

She tried to calm her daughter down who still wasn't getting over her horrible dream. A few seconds later, her daughter already realized that it was just a dream. She then hugged her mom tightly and said,

"Mom, I am scared. I don't want to lose you."

"Alice, it was just a dream. Now, tell me what happened." her concerned mother said.

"Look, at first, I was just standing near that window. When I slid off the curtain to the left to see the backyard, I saw a huge fire scattered all over. It was like hell. And then...." she was stuttering while telling the story of her dream.

"And then what, Alice?" her mom asked.

"And then, there was a demon. He was staring at me. He said he would take my soul away." Michelle added and she started to weep.

"Oh no. That was just a dream Alice. Mom will be sleeping beside you, all right?"

That night when she had a bad dream about hell just at their backyard, had never been out of her mind. She felt that everything was true. She felt the heat of the fire burning. It was too real for her. But then, it was just a dream, so she just ignored it, and so did her mom.

Two weeks had passed, and so far they didn't have any more issues with the new mansion where they moved in, aside from Michelle's nightmare. They had lived normal lives. Alice still worked at the same law firm in Nebraska, so it would take her a few hours to go to work and to get back home. While Michelle transferred to another school, just within Missouri.

One day, Alice told Michelle that they'd be having a party in the office. She asked her daughter to come but she refused to. So Michelle was home all by herself.

"All right, baby. Just stay here, okay? I'll be back before 12 midnight." her mother said. It was almost 6 PM.

"Okay mom. Don't worry, I'll just stay inside my room. And besides, I still don't have any friends here." Michelle replied.

Her mother left and Michelle went upstairs, locked herself up in the room, and started to turn on the radio. She turned up the volume too high and danced. She sweat after executing different dance moves so she decided to rest. She then lay on her bed, opened her laptop, and updated her FACEBOOK status. She typed there, "It's burning up in here. I feel like I'm in hell." Then, she laughed and said,

"Wooh! It's so hot in here. What the heck is happening? "

She then went downstairs and grabbed a bottle of cold water inside the fridge. She went back to her room, and lay down in her bed again. She then felt sleepy. It was almost 10 o'clock. A few minutes later, she had fallen asleep.

Her mother was still in Nebraska celebrating her colleague's birthday. She forgot to keep track of her time. Her mother got too drunk and had taken a nap in a couch. When she woke up, it was already 2 AM. Then she said,

"Oh no. It's 2 in the morning. I need to get home." she told her colleagues who were still partying.

She then went inside her car, and drove it as fast as she could. She tried to call her daughter but all the calls went directly into her voice mail. She just kept her fingers crossed that her daughter would not get mad at her. A few hours later, she arrived at their village. She got inside the main door of their mansion, called her daughter up, while walking her way into her daughter's room. When she arrived there, she then woke her up and said,

"Michelle, look, I am sorry. Mom's late. I'd fallen asleep because I got so drunk."

Her daughter did not respond and was just lying in the bed. She then started to touch her pretty face and said,

"Hey, baby. Wake up, mom's here."

It was almost 4 in the morning. Her mother was alarmed for her daughter was not responding. Michelle didn't wake up whilst the intensity of her tone had already increased. She then rushed her to the hospital. After the doctor had a comprehensive assessment, he spoke with Alice.

"Look, Ms. Diaz, your daughter...."

"Yes, what about my daughter? How is she? Is she okay?" the frantic mother asked.

"Your daughter is in a comatose." the doctor added.

The moment she heard the doctor's statement, she fell down the floor, and wept heavily. She blamed herself for she could have went home at an earlier time instead of partying. She felt all the guilt, the pain, and feeling of becoming a horrible parent. She then went inside room A15 where her daughter was confined. When she opened the door, there she saw her poor daughter lying in the bed. She then said,

"Michelle, I am sorry. I should have went home earlier. I could have taken care of you. What happened to you?"

She kept on asking her daughter some questions, although she knew she'd never receive a reply. She stayed in her daughter's room the whole night. The next day, she called up her office and told her boss that she can't work for the next two weeks. She still was clueless of what had happened to her daughter, so she was desperate to find it out.

"Michelle, I am not going to let you suffer for long. I'll do everything just to let you wake up. I will need to know what had caused this, and I'll find a way for you to live your life again, happily, not like this." her mother said to Michelle, with full of courage and conviction.

She then went back home, and there she saw the investigators and the police officers searching the whole mansion, including the backyard. When it was almost night time, they decided to continue the investigation the next day, after they had also asked Alice a series of questions pertaining to her daughter's condition.

Alice went back to the hospital to check her daughter. There still was no progress. She kissed her and then she drove her way back to the mansion. At that time, it was only Alice inside. She went upstairs and opened the door of her daughter's room. She looked at everything- her bed, her closet, her drawers, and the whole area. She tried to look for a clue that might be of help to know the cause of her daughter's condition. She was helpless and hopeless. She got exhausted. She then lay in her daughter's bed, closed her eyes, and thought of all the good memories they had together. It was almost midnight. A few minutes later, she fell asleep.

A few hours had passed, and Alice was still in Michelle's bed, sleeping. Then, she had a strange dream. In her dream, the window's curtain started to be on fire. She stood up and tried to put off the fire. She didn't know what could have caused it so she checked every corner of the room. She went back to the window, and then slid the burnt curtain to the left, and there she saw a seemingly chaotic place. The backyard was like hell. Instead of having water in the pool, fire was in it. She then recalled what her daughter told her. She tried to wake up but she couldn't. It felt so real for her. Then she said,

"Oh my God. What is this?"

She was still in shock with what she saw, so she walked backwards towards her daughter's bed. Her jaws dropped after witnessing the scene at the backyard. She didn't have the courage to run, nor scream. Later on, she saw a demon on fire, entering the room through the window. It was crawling towards her. She didn't forget how the demon looked like. It was on fire, had a red skin, and yellow eyes. She was still in her daughter's bed, speechless and shivering. She didn't know what to do. But after she thought of her daughter in coma, she finally had the courage to speak with the demon.

"What have you done to my daughter? Let her go!" she said, with full of courage. She assumed that maybe it was the demon that caused her daughter's condition.

The demon replied by saying,

"If I will have to let go of her soul, I'll have to take yours." the demon started to bargain.

Alice was really concerned of her daughter Michelle, and she would do whatever it takes for her to live a normal life again, not in the bed all the time. So, she accepted the demon's offer.

"All right. Take me instead. And leave my daughter alone."

After the bargaining, Alice had not woke up. She was the one in a comatose, while her daughter Michelle woke up in the hospital, clueless of what had happened to her. She then asked,

"Mom? Where are you?"

The nurses rushed into the scene after they had seen that their patient was already conscious and coherent. Michelle called her mom up, but all calls got directed into her voice mail. She then went home, inside the big mansion. She then started to look for her mom and said,

"Mom? Are you there? I'm home."

No one was responding so she decided to go upstairs. She went inside her mom's room first, but she wasn't there. She entered the 3 other rooms, but they're all clear. She finally went inside her room, and there, she saw her mother, Alice, lying in the bed. She was relieved to have seen her and she tried to wake her up by saying,

"Mom. I've been calling you a hundred times. Why aren't you picking up your phone?

She kept on talking to her mom, but she was not waking up. She started to touch her, but still, her mother was not responding. She then called 911 and they rushed to the scene at once. A few hours later, one of the paramedics talked to Michelle who was still crying at the corner of her room.

"Uhm, are you her daughter? he asked.

"Yes, yes, I am." the crying lady replied.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know. When I arrived here, she was just lying in my bed. And she's not waking up." she said.

"All right. I'm am sorry honey, but she's in a comatose." the paramedic said.

Michelle was devastated with the news. At first, she still was in denial, but she then accepted it later on. She had quit from schooling and started to take care of her mother, who was in a coma. She still was clueless of what could have caused it. Even the investigators had no single trace of what could have caused her condition. She didn't recall the dream she had before, for all of her memories were taken away from her by the demon. She never thought that the cause of all their misfortune, was the demon, from the backyard hell.


* END *


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Jaydee John Villegas Capuras.
Published on e-Stories.org on 10/20/2011.


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