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My name is Tupu. Tupu means “the growing one” in Cook Island Maori. I am more than a year old and very beautiful. Actually, I look like a jaguar but as there are no jaguars on this island, I am just a cat.
I came into this house on the beach shortly after my birth. I do not remember this time very clearly. I believe I was about three weeks old when somebody left me on the side of the road. Cristina found me and took me to this house on the Pacific Ocean. The homeowner’s name is Thea. She did not want to keep me at first and tried to send me to an animal home. How cruel is this? However, happily there were too many cats already there so she had to take me back to her home again.
I was very small – just a kitten – and I pooped everywhere. Thea did not like that at all and I had to stay outside the house. I even had to, believe it or not, sleep outside in a chair even though I was still very young. But then my foster mother could not sleep and looked after me every single hour. I am a survivor, that is for sure and I kept her very busy.
Now I can do whatever I want. I go out every night to catch a little mouse or sometimes a big one and take it to the house to show Thea. This is actually my gift to her. But Thea is not very thankful for it. Yes, I would even say she hates it. I really hate it when she starts screaming. But, I ignore her. It goes into one ear and out the other. That’s why I have two ears. She always tries to rescue the mouse, which is not a very nice thing to do. I will play with the mouse for many hours even though it is in the middle of the night. At dawn, about 5 o’clock in the morning, I make my way home again. Then I want my breakfast. But the food is not always good in this house and so I just don’t eat. I really do not have to accept everything. After all, people eat only what they really want. So, I start mewing very loudly. My mother tells me to keep quiet. Well, I will keep quiet for a short time but then I just get fed up. I start to move little things around which also makes a lot of noise and does the trick. This is a tactic I use to get everything I want. It is my absolute right as I am very beautiful and the only male cat in the house. At this point, Mother has had enough. She is exhausted and finally gives me my meal. Of course, I also have another method: I do not eat until Mother caresses me and she must do it until I finish my meal.
People have to be educated correctly. If I sometimes do not get enough to eat, as Mother does not like fat cats, I just lie in front of the fridge and do not move until I get what I want.
Mother left me to go to Europe for five weeks. She didn’t tell me very much about what was going to happen, just left me with a very strange lady. So, when she came back, I ignored her for at least three weeks. Thea has to learn that certain things are just not acceptable and she just can’t do it to me!
After each meal, I wash myself and then take a nap. If it is not too hot, I will jump over the drawer and up to the upper deck. Then Mother can call me as long as she wants. I just pretend not to hear a thing. In the afternoon, I get up and stretch myself. Mother likes to scratch me on my belly, which I like very much.
For some time now, I have had another hobby. I hunt little fishes that are in the lily pond. The pond is new and has only been there for several weeks. Fish is a nice change to my sometimes-boring diet. Nobody likes to eat the same things all of the time. People do not eat the same things, why should I.
I like to do something else when Mother is not at home and it is very enjoyable. I lay on the table in the living room! The table is glass and is so beautifully cool. I am not allowed to do this, but I do it anyway. When she comes home, I just disappear.
But, I must say I like it here. There is only one thing that annoys me. My mother always wants to cuddle. I absolutely hate it. I can keep quiet for a moment and then – schwups – I have to get off. Before I leave though, I always show her my claws. I do not have to accept everything and we cats have to educate people. Sometimes I will do her a favor. I climb up the highest tree and look down at her. Then she laughs and is happy. It makes me happy when she is happy and it costs me almost nothing. Human beings are really strange creatures.
All in all, I would like to point out that I love the house on the beach. We have to ignore the negative sides. Nothing is perfect…

The cat, TUPU

P.S. Tupu was killed one night by four roaming dogs but that’s another story…


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Thea Pijpers.
Published on on 10/21/2011.


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