Neven Dreyfu▀

light as a feather yet tall as a tree


I walk this road down to the end

and you walk with me hand in hand

I am alone and you are with me

so where are we?


I look at the sea though I am asleep

and when I wake up I start counting sheep

And I sense you lie next to me

but why are we?


Cut in a half and tied back together

Let's walk outside enjoy this fair weather

light as a feather yet tall as a tree

now, what are we?


There's many space out in the universe

And maybe the life as we know runs in reverse

Who could know? Neither you nor me

thus when are we?


Here we are and at least for a while here we stay

And what we do or not is forgotten by the end of the day

so take my hand again

just don't care about where, why, what or when.

With almost 1000 Views my most visited
poem. I never thought it would attract so
much attention. Thank you! Danke! :-)
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Neven Dreyfu▀.
Published on on 11/23/2011.


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