Sarian Morrow

The Soul

Imagine a world where no one is
getting smarter no one is advancing technology. Imagine they all follow one man
without question. A world where mankind is clueless about the world around
them. It was all about to change with one man. The date 12/6/11 the Catholic
Church was the dominant rule of the earth. My name is Xeon I am the savoir of
the human race. It all started one day when I woke up to another boring day.
Being a non believer in this world of forced faith, I wanted
to change the world prove that the church was wrong about some things. But no
one else felt this way. There was no disagreement, no misjudgment, and no
lying.  However, I hated this world.  While there may have been peace, there was no
individuality. Everybody had no right to a theory if you had a theory that went
against the church you were wrong. Often time’s people were killed because of
their thoughts.
I was in bible study and I learned that the devil would grant
your wish in exchange for a soul. It sounded too good to be true the only trick
is how to get this realm. But another question what to get for my soul. If I
wanted to change the world it had to be something good something that would
show the Catholic Church their wrong. Days of endless studying went by no books
from the past no books of fiction why? Was the church hiding something what did
they not want us to know? I had to know I had to find elders from before the
church took over.
When I woke up that morning, I had my plan I went and asked
around town. Many of the people I spoke to told me they go put into homes with
other elders so they couldn’t speak the truth. But unfortunately they had to be
a relative for you to see them. While eating dinner that night I asked my mom
if we had any realities who were elders or he Dark Age. Grandpa was an elder in
one of the homes. We made plans to go see him
We drove for hours on a long road till we reached a large
complex named “Sunny Hills” insane asylum. Why was he in here he’s not insane
is he? We walked through the long hall till we came to a cell #3576. I walked
in alone my parents wouldn’t go in they were afraid. He was sitting alone in
the back of the cell. “Grandpa it’s me xeon I want to ask you some questions
about the dark times”
“Why, you’re not my grandchild I don’t have any grand kids.”
“You do you just have to remember” I walked over to him and
sat down next to him I told him his real name. The church had given him a
different name Jeremiah. But his real name was Siax as soon as I said his name
he seemed to remember. He stood up I stepped away from him he turned to me and
let out a big yell in excitement. “Xeon! I’m so glad to see you here by the way
where are we”?
Nice to see you to grandpa were in “Sunny Hills” insane
“Why I’m not insane am I”?
“No” we talked for hours he told me what I had to do. Then he
handed me a box and told me to keep it safe and bring it to the church. I left
for home and when I got there I did a sacred spell that was written on the box
I ended up in the realm of the devil. I walked for a long time and then I ended
up in satin’s throne room. We talked then we made a deal my soul for a book
that would better mankind. Then he reached into my chest and took my soul. And
I received the book the he set back to earth. I grabbed the box and headed for
town square. There I screamed horrible things to draw the church members out
and the town folk. They all gathered by the hundreds in the middle of town.
People were on roof tops and on cars. Then the pope spoke. “why have you gathered
us here child”?
“I have the truth of what the world really is” I said I
uncovered the book people got scared when it was fully uncovered the pope got
angry and sentenced me to death. But I just kept talking this is the history of
the world. The crowd sighed in amassment. “Were did you get that unholy book”
the pope said
“I paid dear rice for this a mere soul.”I said then I took
out the box and dumped the contents one the ground. It was money with our past
hero’s ad the past ruling. Then I threw the book on the ground and stood.
“I’m waiting  for my
death sentence for I am a noble man I know when I’m not wanted I just wanted to
help you all know the truth now SHOOT ME!!.”
“You heard him shoot him” said the pope. They followed his
orders with discomfort. They readied they’re rifles and one by one shots were
fired bullets flew over the crowd and into xeon then he fell to the ground. The
crowd was uneasy they rushed to help him. The pope walked to the pedestal to
retrieve the book. It was gone along with the money. With xeon’s last dying
breath he said “the world shall know the truth.”


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sarian Morrow.
Published on on 12/14/2011.


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