Mary Diana

A day in Santa's land

            Last night,when I was laying on my bed and I was looking at the beautiful moonlight,I was wondering how it is in Santa Claus' s land.If it' s cold,if it' s snowing,if he has many elves that help him as they say.I was very curious how a day is in Santa Claus' s land.
            At once,I fell asleep.When I got up,all around me was nothing but coulered lights in the trees and stands with hot chocolate and honey cakes.The sellers were elves in green costumes and red boots.All the houses were looking like some cakes with cream.
            At one moment,I saw a big building with many red and green tinsels on it.On that building there was written in red letters ,,Santa Claus' s factory''.I opened the door and in that moment I felt that everything all around me disappeared.I saw many elves that were working to make the presents for all the children on Earth.In the middle of the factory there was a big Christmas tree with many  Christmas balls,tinsel,candles and on top of the Christmas tree,a big and bright star.It was twelve o' clock,the lunch time.All the elves were staying at a big table with mince pies,turkey and a cake with chocolate and plums.
            But the clock rang and I woke up to go to school,where I told my friends about my dream.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 01/30/2012.


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