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Children like to play and sleep with toys. Every child needs to have at least one toy. The toy is an object that helps him to do funny activities : to build castles, to play cowboy, to travel by train, to be a doctor etc.
Children's work is : the game. Some children like to play with toys because they don't wa nt to be alone, other children want to experiment different jobs, my little cousin likes teddy-bears because they make her feel strong. She usually plays with her toy and she confesses her problems to it, like a friend.
The friendship means a strong connection.You can't live without friends because your life will be boring. Even though you don't have any friend you can make one : a pet or a toy,like I tell you. The toy is an important thing for everybody, I think that one of your parents or grandparents have till now a toy.
People need to have a friend or a toy,both of them mean a beautiful gift.
Be happy because a toy is happy always when it see your smile !


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Published on on 02/03/2012.


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