Mary Diana

The magic book

             Once upon a time,there was a boy whose name was Billy.Billy was in the fourth grade but he didn' t like so much to read books(excepting the cartoons,of course).He was always sad when he had to read a book for school because he thought that reading books is so boring and it' s a waste of time.
             One day,when Billy was lying on his bed and he was reading cartoons,a thin voice addressed to him.It was a book!When Billy saw that,he screamed and locked the door behind him in the bathroom.
             ''Don' t be afraid!I will not hurt you!''said the magic book.
             ''How can you talk and why did you come?''asked Billy.
             ''I can talk because I am a magic book!I have the mission to help the children that don' t like to read books and make them love reading.Now,let' s go to my world to see what kind of books you would like to read.''
              In the second moment,both of them were in the ''Books Country''.The ''citizens''that were living there were giant books with coloured bindings.All the trees were having written pages instead of leaves.
             ''Let' s go to Adventure Book' s house to see if you like this kind of books.''
              When they got there,the Adventure Book said:
             ''Hello,my dear friends!What brings you here?''
             ''I am here because I have the mission to help this boy finding what kind of book he likes.''
             ''Well,let' s see!''
              The Adventure Book showed Billy a lot of famous books like:''The adventures of Tom Sawyer'',''Gulliver' s travels'' and ''The three Musketeers''.Billy chose ''The adventures of Tom Sawyer''because it had an interesting binding and it was the thinnest book.
             ''Now,if you found the perfect book for you,let' s get you home!''
              After one moment,Billy was home.Immediately,the boy started to read the book and he realised that reading books is very interesting and brings you into a wonderful world full of mysterious characters.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 02/24/2012.


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