Akshay Kumar


Is he a stranger? I don`t know .But one thing was known to me I have not met him ever. Shall we have cup of tea? He asked me. I agreed and went with him to a cafeteria near by. He was staring at me as if I did a crime. Would you like anything more? He broke silence . No, I said, “Do you know me ‘’I asked. A crooked smile was his replay. I know you more than you did. I have been following you for many days . Till today she was with you. That `s why I didn`t come to you till today. Who are you to follow me . Are you a spy? If you would like to call me so, you can . How was the yesterday night? Was it nice? The question really shocked him because no one except Sheena and he knew. Who are you to ask me such questions to me ? He raged. I have the right to ask you such a question. Take tea . He reminded him. Do you know how wind blows? how clouds are being driven by wind? I want to go . I don`t want to speak to strangers. You can. He said lethargically. But the problem is I will follow you wherever you go. “Why?” he broke the silence of the cafeteria .OH! Shit More strangers are looking at me, he murmured. Look, this is a public place. Would like others to call you mad? That was quite logical. Look at my eyes and tell me” have you ever met me?” No, never. Then ,why do you worry? I won`t, I won`t . But you did. Do you know why people eat every day? Then ,why people like you are working day and night? Why you are looking at the future with hope? Why all rivers are not running back? Why you can`t touch fire ? why do you love each other ? why there is time in this world ? why the colour of a flower is not present in the leaves ? why the sun is not rising in the west ? Stooooooooooooooooooop. Stop stop. He uttered. He starts panting. I can`t sustain any more I can`t, who are you? why why why are you following me everywhere? So you remember me , o k. Right, let`s have the deal then . What deal? I don`t like to have any deal with you. Get lost. I am going. Sit….sit down. He sat at once. Then the stranger offered the cup of tea to him again .”shall we go ?” he asked. Where to? I won`t come with you. Why should I? We are going to apppaagraaagetiithi. Ok What!” Are you mad?”,he asked at once . Yes, as you are. Come…come on, let us go. You are appointed there. Your certificates are with them. There was utter silence. He was going with him through a mighty city of strangers who are all engaged in their own work.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 03/07/2012.


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