Abdenour Djafri


I think of you everyday.
Do believe in what I say.
I can't help imagine your face.
All the time and any place.
My heart beats whenever I see you.
I'm not sick, I fell in love with you.
Wanna see you more and more.
Don't wanna leave you anymore.
I'm afraid and I'm in love.
I'm not free like that dove.
I'm not sick, but I wanna see you again.
This smile of yours is driving me sin.
You look at me, I'm melt away.
I look at you and I wanna say.
I'm truly not sick but rescue me.
I feel tight when you're with me.
Tell me to stay and that you'd take care.
Tell me you're here, that would be fair.
I wonder what you have felt.
At the first time we have met.
Was it the same or you didn't care.
Ask your heart and might it be fair
I love you doc. don't let me leave.
I'll miss you doc. don't you believe.
I made a dream, you came to me
It was so real, how could it be
You took my hands, you took me away.
You wispered words so easy to say.
They shaked my soul, they held me tight.
I love you man, it's love at first sight.
you weren't sick, I knew it before.
I fell you man, what you're looking for.
I'm here for you and won't let you go.
It's no so real but it moght be so.
I wish this dream would come true.
I'd show you how much I really love you.
I'm not sick you know it now
I just fell in love, don't ask me how.
Wanna take your hand, take you far.
It's not a dream, but here we are.
Just let it go and follow me.
Trust me doc. and don't ask me.
where to go, cause you will find.
with a simple look what's in my mind.
Touch me now with you tender hand.
I swear by God, this love would never end.
Shine your light and keep it on.
Without demands we're going on.
We're getting close, close enough.
Just keep it shining, don't turn it off.
Our heart beat, we're about to kiss.
Never before i've seen such a lovely face.
Let's do it ones and make it last.
I feel you well, i'm already lost.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Abdenour Djafri.
Published on e-Stories.org on 03/25/2012.


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