Annkatrin Rothe

My brother

After to nights in the cave my eyes had problems to accept the light. I could not see anything else then this bright white screen dazzling in my eyes. I tried to grope the way throw the forest. I did not feel anything in my arms. So I hit most of the trees. It felt like I hit every tree in the forest. It was impossible to count how often I fall down in the muddy ground, which smelled like cowpats. Slowly my sight returned and I tried to find out were I was. Trees all around me, but I could not figure out in what part of the forest I was. That was never happened before, because I knew the forest better then everyone else. It was early in the morning. The forest was quiet, no birds, nothing. The only noise was my gasp. The fall and all these rotting leaves gave the forest a dark, magic look. I could not run anymore, so I sat down on the root of a big three.
What was happened the day before yesterday? Our parents went out for dinner and my big brother and his friend had to baby- sit me. My brother hated me since I was born. I did not think about normal problems between siblings, he really wanted to see me dead. He is perfect my parents love him. I was never like that, I was always the boy who made problems. I was in my room when suddenly my brother friend, a big broad-shouldered boy, who lisped entered the room. He is my brother’s best friend, maybe because he always did what my brother said. This evening he was laughing and told me

to come down to eat. I was distrustful. Why should my brother give me something to eat? He hated me. But I followed his buddy. This was a big mistake.
When I came down I saw my brother with his stupid grin on his face. I understood he has an Idea. He did not have often ideas, and if he had one it was something bad for me. The short blond hair and the wide grin on his face made him looking like a frog. I tried to run back to my room, but his friend stand at the middle of the stairs and blocked my way. My brother grabbed me; it was no problem for him, because he was nearly two times as big as me. He put me on the armchair and started to talk with a voice that leached me fear every time I heard it. They both looked like something very funny was going on. When I asked what was happened they told me they learned something very interesting in school. I was confused my brother never learned anything in school he was just stupid only our parents thought he was smart, because he let other people do the work for him. He explained me they learned something about people in a cave, who only se shadows of the real world, because they were tied. These people thought the shadows are the real world. I could not understand why my brother told me that, until he carried me in direction to the forest. I loved to be in the forest, away from my parents and everyone else, who liked my brother, but I never went to the cave in the darkest part of the forest. My brother brought me there and he and his friend tied me with a scarf on a chair. They really planned to do this, when we arrived there was already a chair and a scarf.
It was very easy to untie the scarf, but I did not go home, because I hoped my parents would miss me. Two days later I was on the way home. I was lost, so I decided

just to go in one direction. After one Hour I arrived at home. Every bone in my body hurt and I was so hungry. The old house with the dirty, white walls and the brown roof looked for me like a palace. I went inside and called for my mother. When she arrived I told her the whole story. My mother slapped me and shouted at me that my brother never would do something like this. I just looked at her angry face. Why she did not believe. My face turned hot and tears fall down. I just said yes mom you are right it was my fault.
            Now I am grounded.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Annkatrin Rothe.
Published on on 10/06/2005.


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