Rufus Murry Jr

To See The Angel,s Walk

4/20/2012                                                                                   R.M.J.

                     To peer into the cloud,s and to wonder,if there is someone
                   up there, at time,s wanting to shout, to see if I can get at-
                   tention.  As they or we praise them in a low level prayer,a
                   low level voice, I sometime,s wonder if we are heard.
                      I sometime,s think of going to a higher level,to see what
                   I can see. So now I see him Walking The Water Coming To
                   This World. " Saying Now Do You Believe?"  Just as he or 
                   Someone has said to me,"Think of Yourself, Because You Can
                  -not Help Me".  For I am on the Cross, To Love Yourself Is A
                  Gift From Me.
                      To travel to this point I will walk The Black Sea, to harvest 
                  those Soul,s that, Believe in Me.  So as an Angel,I walk across
                  The Black Sea.
                      To gather those Soul,s ,those Soul,s, That Believe In Me
                  To walk the Land that Our Father,s Walk, and To study the
                  Scripture,s, they studied.  So as to Meditate on th True and
                  inform  other,s. Sacred To My Heart.To treat a man or For-
                  eign Sibling,s, As I would treat Myself,Those that Believe.
                  Why Angel,s Walk The Black Sea.
                  To See The Angel,s Walk
                  "Sacred To My Heart".

                   Written By: Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 04/22/2012.


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