Rufus Murry Jr

Who Is So Dumn As To Make Them

4/25/2012                                                                                R.M.J

                To be called Ignorant, To be called Dumn,then the question is asked
              as to where this person came from? Either they know the truth,then 
              try,s to mislead other,s,from what is the truth.
                It is said that, that one,plans to mislead other,s,or as many as poss
              -ible to rule. This is the one who is, So Dumn As To Make Them. To 
              sit and listen and then think back, on all that has been said.
                We pick our brain,s and other,s for an answer. Wheather supernat-
              ural, superstition, folklore, so far, it happen,s, and it is said that eit-
              her know,s the truth.
                The truth is,they never planned for them to survive. That is why,
              they are called, "The One,s Who Are So Dumn As To Make Them".
              As we travel from one place to another," We Our Judged By Our
                Our part of the world, is Judged by Foriegn Eye,s. We strive for 
              a better mint in Our World. So Who Is So Dumn As To Make Them
              what they are.
               Our Nation,s Sibling,s, From which Generation,From Which State?
               WHO IS SO DUMN AS TO MAKE THEM?
               Witten by: Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.

As we travel throught the world of today, we all have common Knowledge, to realize the differences in our cultures. We seeek a need to connect, for varies.reasons.Our nations will learn from each other,so I ask you and other nationalities, who is so dumn as to make man the way, that they are presenting theemselves ?Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 04/25/2012.


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