Mary Diana

The magic word

           One day,when I was walking in the street,I heard something very strange.A little boy said ''gamake'' in the middle of a sentence and I wanted to tell him that wasn' t a word because it wasn't good for him to grow up without knowing that word doesn' t even exist.
           ''Yes,it does!''said the little boy.''If you don' t believe me,ask it!''
           ''How can I ask a word something?Words don' t speak.''
           And in the second moment,he showed me with his little finger the strange word.There were some small and colourful letters,dancing and laughing in the street.
           ''I think we should tell you how we decided to create a new word'',the magic letters told me.''Everything started when we were sad because people began not to use us in sentences.So,we decided to get united and create a new word.I am ''game'',the most lovely word in children' s life and she is ''cake'',the most delicious word in people' s life and together we are''gamake''.
           From that day,I learnt that even words have feelings and we should appreciate them more and use them all because the world would be a disaster without them.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 04/27/2012.


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