Rufus Murry Jr

Aged Association

5/1/2012                                                                               R.M.J.

                         As we live, we will see,what there is for us, in this
                      world that now time, ingulps,in the blink of an eye. What
                      has either acheived in this short time ?
                         To say wheather it was worth the time that we have
                      spent. To only see how much of what is around us,and to
                      what thought do we apply that sighting to ?  That sighting
                      of Aged Association, to what adure do we add this encou-
                      nter to.
                          Is it the thought of Greed,the thought of Deceit,or t-
                      rue friendship.
                       All these Question,s,during a time span. To see
                     Trust out of Aged Association,seem,s a hopeless thought,so
                     the head bows in Meditation, and when the head rises again
                     a decision has been made,as to what to do. 
                          Friend or foe, to see you again,just as before, time will
                     tell. So then again time has taken it,s toll.
                          Aged Association;
                          "All Questionable".
                      To gaze into the cloud,s, seeking answer,from who,or what ?
                      Written by: Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 05/01/2012.


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