Ray Boorman


Our lives were different not so long ago
summers were hot and winters brought snow,
we grew what we needed and just killed to eat
we measured in arms lengths, not metres or feet,
we travelled on horseback or just tramped on foot
took shelter in caves or would dwell in a hut,
tended our livestock and lived off the land
thought that worlds end was where sea met the sand,
we sorted our differences best that we could
built boats for fishing from trees in the wood,
we learnt to harvest, reap and sow
we began to invent and started to grow,
we moved on apace, some say too fast
but can we sustain it, how long can it last ?
perhaps mother earth needs a well earned break
if not for itself then for mankind’s sake,


I do believe we are killing our planet.
We all seem to live for the now, but we
ought to consider what we are doing for
our future generations
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Published on e-Stories.org on 10/17/2012.


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