Rafael Nugent

Begining or Ending


Devastated again by his complete inability to tell her how he felt, Danny turned away once more and walked alongside his shadow those two blocks he had traveled so many times before. That empty hole in his chest was filled again by the only thing that made it wider —regret. As he crossed the threshold to his house, the last glimmer of hope he had that day vanished. Sheltered in his dreams he would find the strength to get up once the sun rises again. 
As he prepares to lay down to bed he sees a distant shadow through the window, leans towards the left bottom corner of it to try and see through a little crack, but the dim light of the old street lamp makes it almost impossible. He turns off the lights and after a few seconds his eyes could see clearer. The mysterious shadow began to take form, and before he knew it, Kate was standing there looking at his direction. He instantly ducked fearing she could have seen him, but after a moment he realized it wasn't possible. Danny stood up and looked through the crack once again just in time to see Kate blow a sad, wishful kiss before disappearing into the dark. A smile drew instantly on his face as millions of thoughts began to race through his mind —soon to realize he wouldn't be sleeping tonight.

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Published on e-Stories.org on 11/08/2012.


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