Nabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano


Ago as some twenty years, while he was working in a rural area of the paths of the shiny and the diamond of the municipality of Tuluá in a campaign of peasant cups installation or cups health which included the construction of several plates of concrete for the work, digging a trench in land and construction of the booth at mat of guadua and this required me to stay overnight in these places.
I got accommodation at the farm of Don Silvio, who was the Chairman of the Board of communal action of the sidewalk.
His farm was located in an intermediate sector of the shiny sidewalk and this facilitated the displacement to homes that should visit for the installation work of peasant cups built with the collaboration of families benefited from peasant housing improvement program.
The shiny sidewalk is geographically located above the sidewalk El Diamante and although there are carreteables but lid off roads by Willys jeeps that pass them and separated to reach them, there are also trails (waste or paths) between a sidewalk and another that save time and effort to passersby.
The "Horseshoe paths" as they are called, are well known by the majority of the inhabitants of these villages.
When already passed three weeks of working on these sidewalks and knew me well roads and shortcuts that had taught me the residents peasants, takes me a big surprise.
Certain day that should visit one of the many estates that they were located in the village of El Diamante, at about seven in the evening, I moved only by a bridle path that I had indicated the inhabitants of the sector and which knew in advance because it had transited it on many occasions.
The way down to a small ravine (that one could normally jump simply by lifting the foot without getting wet or shoes) and also that we were in summer season which was too dry to the point that was just one strand of thread of water.
In the morning whether travels along this path and reach the estate where the work should be almost at noon. 
As good paisas, these people I responded very well offering me plenty of food and it was thus a twelve day lunch a delicious stew of hen's yard and as a three o'clock in the afternoon we were called to the table to eat something: fried egg with slices of ripe fries and coffee roasted in the same building.  Hot, strong and fragrant in an enameled metal Bowl.
With the help of responsible for the farm we install peasant Cup in the casetica of mat, we placed the plates on the curb of wood that was built into the den septic and I am running the battery health for housing, fulfilling the objective of the programme which was to reduce the pollution of water resources in the region.
We ended up at the five and thirty in the afternoon and I was preparing to leave me when they told me to wait the food. 
As the sky was still well clear and had good sunlight, accept, in addition to hear that they were a few very rich green beans with cabbage, fried pork rinds and banana toast.
Around six-thirty in the afternoon, I left the inhabitants of the House and started to walk down the trail with low lighting which remained but that not worried because he knew well the path, had spent many years working in a rural area and had walked many times in the night by different paths.
As going forward increasingly it was getting dark and the Moon not helped much to give light to the narrow path. 
The trail down to a small adjacent to a high mountain ("A wall" as call those who walk in the del monte) and on the other hand he reached the narrow quebradita and there you could pass to then Ascend by a pasture until you reach the road that eventually led to the estate of Don Silvio.
When you arrive at the small to lower to the narrow quebradita, my amazement was greater when observing that had become a huge River wider than the Cauca River, the Magdalena river and even the Ganges.  Impossible to cross simply passing a leg as he had done in the morning.
Terrified I me back a few steps and looked at and looked at the old narrow quebradita, strand of thread of water, in the low light of moon that had.
I could not find a space to cross without fear of falling dipped into those dark and correntosas waters.
- And I do not know swimming, thought.
To complete the party, a black horse that surrounded me threatening appeared to my right.
He looked to the other side and saw only too perpendicular and high mountain that was not easy to climb.
My scarce 22 years, I remembered the words of my grandmother Paula in one of his many wise gatherings:-millet, take care when East in del monte, that ELF seeks to embolatar people.
I remembered also when I was Boy Scout (boy Explorer) and several times we were with the group camping in rural areas. 
But now I was alone.
I remembered that I had to be calm and serene to confront this situation.
Take air and also take a limb that was on the ground.  I began to pray the our father, Hail Mary and glory while gave a blow to the strange black horse that was close.
I thought that there was another way if not achieve escape from the evil force that I was embolatando and praying started to climb the mountain that was by my side clutching my branches of bushes, grass and without looking back.
Back stay hijuemadre black horse and that narrow quebradita which for me was a large river (or almost like a sea).
Get muddy and tired on the road and in the darkness of the dark night already, I started to run without looking back.
The road to the estate of Don Silvio was longer than usual but I just ran and ran without regard to fatigue or cold.
I could finally reach the farm, with the face dripping sweat cold of the effort made and the experience so gloomy.
Do while he greeted the family that I watched with gesture of concern, Don Silvio received me with a premonitory smile and only I shall confine myself to say:-do not tell me that you also the Goblin was embolatando it?.
It is surprised and just miss to say with the head while thinking that someone should notify me for not having given papaya.
Thanks to God and the tips of my grandmother, achieve okay got rid of this thought while asleep after while I stayed in the room that I had assigned to sleep.
Continuing with my work in rural area of the villages of the municipality of Tuluá in a campaign of peasant cups or sanitary cups installation I received the help of a colleague from the Office.
A boy good people, name Heberth, for 19 years, high, slender, polite, well spoken and with a humorous incipient beard that gave him an air of seriousness that faded immediately while he laughed.  Something that towards very often.
Overall a cheerful, hard-working type and good people.
We remain on the farm of Don Silvio, taking advantage of that the room had two beds.
I not discuss you the incident that he had had a few days ago to avoid frightening this good-natured and cheerful boy.  Nor anyone else said anything about it.
I had prepared me for the night walks: started to reload between tools (trowel, metro, Blade, hammer, nails, level, saw) a double two batteries A metal flashlight.
Several times we went "Hand in the night" in the following weeks but walked and arrived at the farm of Don Silvio to sleep.
Until it was a Thursday afternoon that we were working on a farm in the El Diamante sidewalk close to the estate of the last incident.
In the morning we journey this road that was down to a small ravine (that one could normally jump simply by lifting the foot without getting wet or rubber boots called "Pantaneras") which was only one strand of thread of water.
When we finished work she was going to be like five in the afternoon, we ate quickly and we took a path that's almost six o'clock when still had excellent visibility.
The peasants of finca indicated us that there were no loss to reach the quebradita if we followed the encirclement of sticks and barbed wire that surrounded his property down to the water.
How I had my tragic background, going forward, taking the fence wire by hand and instruct Heberth to do the same to locate better because you could darken.
When we had a few meters from travel and still saw the farm from where we came, suddenly I get a thick darkness and like London fog scarcely one showing the tip of the nose.
Suddenly lost contact with the fence wire and into a perpendicular and forested terrain which normally on the day not seen there since it was a flat pasture.
The trees almost US evacuate and came from all sides at the same time that litter and branches on the floor trying to catch us entangling us feet.  It was a frightening, dark, forest that increasingly seemed to grow more and more.
In a moment longer I didn't see my colleague and shout desperate with the fortune that I replied but it as if you were hear a lot far above the bottom of the thick forest.
I remembered that this was another joke of the evil spirit and started to mentally pray at the time that was screaming to Heberth that they were reaching the upper part while it shone with the flashlight.
Praying and crawl between mud, leaves and branches and trees made it to the top until I made contact with the fence of wire that I had lost time back.
I kept screaming and praying until you reach see the muddy and sweaty boy with a nervous smile and pale countenance.
I not told him the truth.
Encourage us approaching fast from there until reaching the famous quebradita this time if it was only one strand of thread of water which we crossed simply of a small jump.
In silence we ran at night until you reach our shelter.
We did no comment to not enlarge the theme and then eating we went to sleep.
The next day while we were walking towards another farm I dared to tell the truth to Heberth.
His first reaction was one of disbelief and amazement, but then I told her that my already had happened to me before and at least worry about it.
During the course of the day, listening to other farmers talk about the issue that was daily in the sector, was given counts "in which we had gotten".
During the following days, we preferred to stay in the barracks of workers from the plantations where we were working every day rather than venture to another terrible encounter.  Because if you beat the fear you can die of cardiac arrest, of a tachycardia.
It was preferable to hold us the smell of pesticides, to sacks of sisal or sisal, to sweat, to pecueca, chucha, a temper tantrum and even toilets covered with excrement, as well as fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, in so called "workers barracks" used in the coffee farms of the region.
Two weeks later already Heberth not return to help me with the work because he called changing area in the Office that we pay.   
Fortunately I only finished in a couple of weeks more, always taking care to not walk at night through these places to avoid me surprises.
Nabetse Selbonarg
Tulua, July 13, 2011


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano.
Published on on 11/22/2012.


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