Nabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano


It was a day like any other year in Trujillo. Those were the times of Mr. Mayor Don Tito Torres Narvaez (Interestingly Don TNT).
A beautiful town located 1260 meters above sea level and 221 square kilometers total.
No to either heat or cold but the weather was warm as its people.
A successful mix between Paisas and vallunos living peacefully and in this mountain for many generations.
Exactly since April 09, 1930 when he finally declared Ordinance No. 019 township (Although at the time his name was Vernaza) the people who had founded since September 21, 1922 under the name "The Esneda" a group of 22 Leocadio people animated by Don Leocadio Salazar.
For many years he was a coffee town even get to fourth place in the country in production of grain and to have the honor of having a farmer whose coffee was declared the best in the country by the National Federation of Coffee Growers ago years. But times of economic crisis hit our country and the municipality of Trujillo was no exception.
Also with the sad memory of the violence of the eighties and nineties, which left a trail of dead everywhere people live full of memories and many sad and heartbroken still mourning their missing relatives and are not even the vaunted " reparation to victims "that preaches the national government.
The main park astonishing tranquility was broken by a convoy of vehicles that suddenly came to the corner of City Hall.
Of these fell several elegantly dressed men, full suit, tie, briefcase and a pint Lawyers undisputed that immediately entered the Hall, leaving people amazed that by mid-morning were around.
They climbed the steep stairs and few but reached the second floor to the Office of the Mayor.
The Secretary, as always categorically stated that:-The Lord Mayor is busy in a meeting.
It was true. The Lord Mayor, as sacredly to every few days I was in the room, was meeting with his "thread" of friends with whom, between jokes, gossip, laugh, drink water and red, "analyzing" the future the municipality.
This inevitable ceremony lasted about two hours (between eight and ten o'clock) to begin to address the president as it relates to the administration of a town filled with many serious issues to resolve serious and urgent.
-If you want to wait graciously said Secretary of the three Doctors Office asking for the mayor.
These, with manners that give higher education and vocational training, resigned appreciated the gesture and proceeded to take a seat.
No red or were offered during the half hour they were waiting for the Mayor to end their "important" meeting.
When we were face to face, he was informed that came from the capital with great news:-The Consortium Toro & Mora, we represent, has a project to build a factory here in Trujillo potato chip brand "Ocelot".
The Burgomaster am amazed with the news. But Atino to babble:-That great news for my fellow citizens, as he settled in his big leather chair behind him and taking the Liberator Simon Bolivar in a large painting on the wall.
-We will generate 200 direct jobs and 500 indirect-approximately continuous explaining one of the lawyers, you can choose the 200 people we employ directly, hopefully single mothers Lord Mayor.
This could not be of joy and her eyes sparkled with a malicious air officials were unable to decipher at the time.
-We only have one condition: that we give six months tax free while doing the assembly factory and started full operation.
The Lord Mayor, Township Burgomaster first thirty seconds it took longer to respond calmly history as he watched with a gleam of greed in his eyes: 'We can not give them that time because of the municipality's finances are very bad and we need paid since launch.
The three representatives of the Consortium looked puzzled.
Not understand how the people of this village had chosen such a character without any knowledge of public administration, without management vision and worse even without common sense.
Trying to "explain to Plastilina" the subject, but very educational respectful tone, informed the First Township Authority Liverpool who had been sent from Bogota with a recommendation from himself President of the Republic within its policy of supporting villages hit by the phenomena of violence, although financially and strategically Trujillo was not the best choice to run the project because its location was not conducive to transport production to the capital and / or other major cities.
May the Lord Mayor could choose the 200 women single mothers and that these in turn you could generate many votes for future election campaigns, that people were going to transport the products consume foods, beverages and even possibly have to stay overnight in any of the hotels in the city which represented revenue for the hotel and restaurant industry, which also would need fuel for their vehicles which buy in any of the three stations that had the people, that so and so more .
Total, gave a perfect and extensive professor of economics and finance.
They were willing to wait while the Mayor met with his Cabinet officials to decide.
Or they were also willing to spend the night in the town, if the president wanted to meet with the Honorable City Council for them to have a definitive answer.
Exhausted every avenue imaginable that its important mission required them.
But the Lord Mayor again took all the time in the world in sixty seconds in that stare, while inside at any time thought lawyers had told him of "their share" in the business, to say with all the forcefulness that gave him his basic training escaza primary and disproportionate ignorance: 'I like First Municipal Authority decided and I can not allow that not paying taxes. Then I "Fall" to me and I scrub the Comptroller.
The lawyers appreciated the response and left in their thinking while they reviewed "The laws of stimuli", the tax exemption for new companies proclaiming the national government and which was recently implemented in nearby municipalities.
As they walked down the scales, while understood what it meant to shine in the eyes of the Mayor, one of them said quietly: 'That's why they are so.
The caravan departed in silence towards the capital and most of the inhabitants of this town suffered never found out what happened in the Office of the Burgomaster that famous day.
Perhaps only the thread of his close friends, because some time later while traveling on a bus, a friend "made me aware" of what happened on that fateful day when one man buried an entire village and developmental delay budget at least a hundred years.
Taken aback by the news, while I recline in my seat, I could only say crestfallen: - "Indians gross" tell us in some countries.
And even sometimes have reason.
Nabetse Selbonarg
September 21, 2012


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano.
Published on on 11/29/2012.


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