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Young Man Wants to Join a Women's Bible Study



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On the second Sunday evening of each month, a small-town church held separate Bible study sessions for the congregation’s men and women.


At 6 p.m., the congregation met as one body inside the sanctuary. After singing, testimonies and prayer requests, the offering was received. The men and women then went into the fellowship hall for their independent Bible studies.


Several years after the church began having the Bible studies, a young man named Bennett began attending the church. Bobby, the men’s ministry director, invited Bennett to attend the men’s meetings. Bennett accepted the invitation and began attending the studies regularly.


Bennett was a friendly young man, but he was not a Christian. During one of the study sessions, Bennett gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. He was baptized the following Sunday.


Following his conversion to Christ, Bennett wanted to become more involved in the church’s activities. He was asked to serve as an usher during Wednesday’s services. He also was asked to help in the Teen Boys Sunday School Class.


Bennett was 25 years old and he was interested in getting married, but he had not yet met the girl of his dreams. “I know God has chosen the right woman for me,” he told Betty, his mother.


“I’m sure you’re right, Dear,” replied his mom. “God is more interested in your happiness than you are. But He is even more concerned with your spiritual growth.”


“I know, Mom,” Bennett said. “And I’m beginning to spend more time praying and studying God’s Word. After I discover God’s choice of a wife for me, we’re going to begin praying and reading the Bible together. Jesus is going to be the most important person in the marriage.”


“Whomever the young lady is, Son, she is going to get quite a good catch in you,” Betty said.


Bennett got an idea about how to meet some young Christian women, so he decided to talk to Pastor Billy about the idea.


“My door is always open,” Pastor Billy said.


Bennett and Pastor Billy met about a week later. “What did you want to talk to me about?,” asked the pastor.


“I’d like to ask your permission to meet with the women in their Bible study,” Bennett said.


“That’s a strange request,” said Pastor Billy. “Before I give you my approval, I want to talk to my wife, Bonita, the women’s ministry director, about the idea. She will want to know the reason for the request.”


“It’s quite simple,” Bennett said. “I want to get married, and I figured one way to meet some young Christian women would be to attend the women’s Bible study. I’ve discovered it’s kind of hard to meet young women in a men’s Bible study!”




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Published on on 03/17/2013.


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