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christian Meteorologists Gather for Special Retreat

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Christian Meteorologists from around the world convened in May for a special retreat.

The three-day retreat was split into two segments. The first 1 ½ days featured guest speakers from several countries. Speeches by these presenters were designed to inform attendees about unusual weather patterns throughout the world.

At long last, the final 1 ½ days of the get-together arrived. These sessions were primarily to be used in social networking opportunities.

All members of the group were committed to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and to perform their weather reporting duties to the best of their ability.

Top Weatherman, along with his wife, Top Weatherwoman, had been chosen the previous year to represent the organization’s members for 12 months. They enjoyed speaking for Christ and the organization so much they decided  to once again run for the positions to represent the organization.

“If you elect us again to these positions of service, we promise to faithfully witness for Christ and to serve the organization as well as we can,” said Top Weatherman.

“And we will do it with grins on our faces,” smiled Top Weatherwoman.

Top Weatherman and Top Weatherwoman were so popular they had no opposition for the positions for which they were running.

As representatives of the organization, the couple took leaves of absense from their jobs at the local TV station. They traveled around the country, providing guest weather reports for many other TV stations.

They also were invited to write op-ed newspaper articles on a freelance basis. These articles provided science-based information behind many weather-related stories.

Near the end of the three-day event, the couple announced they planned to write a book about their experiences as the organization’s representatives. “We are going to include several family photos, featuring us, our son and our daughter,” said Top Weatherwoman.

“Our son looks like his mother,” said Top Weatherman. “And our daughter also looks like her mom.”

One audience member called out, “What are the names of your children?”

“Our son’s name is Roger,” said Top Weatherman. “But we call him ‘Rainy.’”

“Our daughter’s name is Regina,” said Top Weatherman. “But we call her ‘Sonshine/’ We spell it S-O-N, instead of S-U-N, because of the way she honors the Lord Jesus Christ in her life.”

“By the Way,” said Top Weatherwoman, “we are expecting the birth of our third child in a few months. Her name will be Rosaline, but we will call her ‘Blessed,’ because when she arrives, our lives will be blessed much more than it is right now!”

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Published on on 05/28/2013.


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