Joseph Trance

Standing in the Light

Matt Kenton stood in the glow of the blinking lights and contemplated the tree.  Red, yellow and green and blue blinked on and off him and he closed his eyes.

Darleen his wife of 30 years came up behind him and stood quietly, holding a cup of hot chocolate. She moved closer and gently wrapped her arms around him.

"Matt..?"  She whispered gently.  He shifted his stance and leaned  back into her.  She felt good.   She wraped her arms tighter around him.  The sweet smell of cocoa drifted up his nose.  Mmmmm.   "Yeah..?"  He said.

"What cha' thinking about?  She asked.

"About Ale."  He whispered.

"Oh..."  she said. He could feel the shift in her and her inner withdrawal.

"No...not that",  he said.  "Not the usual."  He moved his hands to her arms and held her gently.  "I'm just wondering what he's doing right now..up there."
His wife pressed closer into him

"I think he's opening presents, looking at the lights too.  He's still four.   Happy.  He  loved this time of year." 
"Yeah he did...."  Matt answered. 

They held each other in silence and basked in the blinking lights.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 12/13/2013.


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