Bernhard Pappe

Wandering Mind

My mind is wandering
Behind closed eyes
Passing haze domes
Crossing oceans of times
Seeing flowing clocks without hands
Ringing loud and shrill
Awaking half horses
Double-head riders on the back
Opening one eye
For searching open roads
Only blind men can find
The hidden paths to half moons
Shining on dark stars
Exploding to space
In a last champagne supernova
Gravitation waves running down
To global villages
Shocking strings in networks
I’m hearing the news
Having a good rocking tonight
And the wind is crying Jimi
In heads without ears
Whatever happens I keep my mind wondering

© BPa / 03-2014


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bernhard Pappe.
Published on on 03/08/2014.


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