Cristel Macaraig

Knight Dexin

can someone dare to answer what i never dared to ask
to help me figure out what there is really for a task
can someone open my chest like a tomb of rock
to alter those who once tried to knock

and for the reasons i know i must have
it's for the seasons to show what's above
coz what's beyond and what's afar that we'll see
is just the truth from the wisdom of thee

so what is it after that eloquent show
which made us cry and bestow
how about the promise i did
which i never forgotten but yet,you missed

coz i made myself wait for that one great dawn
without something to hold on to
just the words,just the breaths, just the voices
which once upon a time, you told me so

but still,i've got our tickets for the show
how i wish,how i hope you do know
that i've kept it for once not until forever
when that once upon a time could be made forever


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Cristel Macaraig.
Published on on 06/11/2014.


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