Beatrice McNamara

The Singhs

It was a nice day, the sun was shining through the trees. Rita Singh was sitting on a stone completely concentrated on her book.She had just come out of school and had run to this forest which was situated next to her parent`s garden.The Singhs had just moved from India to Britain because they wanted to start a new life. Her father had expected to urn more money with opening a new shop in London.
As she sat there she remembered the past few weeks. At first it was quite enjoyable living in the new house with it´s big garden and beautiful view but this peace didn`t last very long.On a wednesday night, the Singhs were already sleeping,they heard loud noyse in front of their house."They are painting something on our front wall!",cried her little brother Ray.She peered out of the window and saw that a gang of youths were spraying something to their wall.They were laughing but she couldn`t tell wat it was.Then they suddenly disapeared.
The next morning her mother came with a pale face into the kitchen."Rita, Ray I `ll take you to school by car today!",she said in an unnatrually contempt voice.She had just accompanied her husband to the front door as she used to do every morning.At that moment it shot to her mind that there had been some youths writing something to their front wall."Has this anything to do with the gang that made so much noise outside our house last night?",Rita asked.
But her mother said:"No, not indeed!I have to go to town today anyway and so it´s only reasonable to let you out at school!"Usually she would have enjoyed this but today she noticed how nervously her mother reacted.As they stepped out on to the pavement she tried to get a glimps of the graffiti on their wall.With schock she read:" Foreign trash, get out or we`ll show you how much we like you!"
The yobs started to come now every evening at half past twelve and on the next day there was nearly every time a new window broken.
The family wrote to their MP, and to the council but nobody reacted.Until one day.Rita came home from school and found her parents sitting deeply shocked in the kitchen. " What is the matter?", she asked shyly because the deep silence of her parents scared her.They were staring in front of them with now life in their faces. It lasted very long before her father started to speak slowly.
Her brother Ray had been knocked of his bike with a sharp rake and died before she got out of school.
The Singhs recieved a letter from the high court in which it said that they were working on this case.In addition they wrote that the family should move to a safer part in Britain. But till today the murderers of Ray who could easily be found are free.
Now Rita is sitting again on the stone in the sun but she is waiting for her parents to call her because they are going to move somewhere else today!
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Beatrice McNamara.
Published on on 02/08/2006.


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