Amn Dtta

The Inevitable

Death!! feared and hated by all these days...
Yet, it is a necessity of life,
without it dere is no life...
It shows us the value of our loved ones...
A mere mortal may have the ability to delay its arrival.
Then again, is there anyone who can stop the inevitable....??
Death to me, is an UFO, appearing in forms unknown.... 
Kidnapping our loved ones forever, taking them to the land of unknown..
& here I am...sitting and thinking to myself....
Ain't there any other way??
to keep these deceased alive, Even after they decay....
But, my answers came to me while reading a dead authors book..
who breathed his last over twenty decades ago.
I felt, as if he was sharing his experiences, 
which happened not too long ago.....
Feeling his presence made me realise,
the dead is not dead...but quite alive
They LIVE in our hearts....Forever, even after they DIE....


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amn Dtta.
Published on on 09/19/2014.


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