Rebecca Ansmann

The mistaken identity

“What do you think of my new costume?” I asked my sister Lara. You should know Lara and I, we are identical twins. We both have blond hair and big blue eyes, we are thin and small. But apart from this we are totally different. She is very ambitious and assertive. Furthermore she can be very cruel and calculating. However, I am a bit more sensitive. I always keep friendly and I usually don’t have any prejudices against a stranger.
It was the 31st of October and that meant Halloween. I like the old traditions. We are living in Pennsylvania, USA. This is absolutely perfect for Halloween because old stories report that real Vampires are still living here. I was dressed up as a Vampire for the big party in the evening. Because this is what Pennsylvania stands for in the old terrifying spine-chillers.                                                                                                                      
“Your costume doesn’t look real. Just like a faked Vampire “, Lara answered my question. She was very jealous of me because this year Ryan was having a big Halloween party at his house. Ryan is a friend of mine. He is tall, well-built and has a few tattoos. Certainly, Ryan hadn’t invited both of us, only me. I could understand him because Lara’s behaviour is often insufferable. Of course, I would take part at the party even if my sister was not invited. As my sister and I have often arguments, it was nothing to wonder about that we argued again about the party. What else? I was so angry. Why couldn’t she accept it that she hasn’t been invited to the party and leave me alone?
Now it was 8 pm. I had to leave. As I arrived at my friend’s house, the party was in full swing already. There was a big pumpkin standing next to the front-door. Ryan’s sister had to design it because she likes nearly everything that deals with art. I rang the bell and immediately someone opened the door. Oh wow. Ryan was good-looking with his wizard costume this evening. Amazing .                                                                                                              
”Ellie, I’m glad you’re here!” he answered with a cheerful voice.                                                  
”Yes, I am also glad about your party invitation, Ryan.” I followed him into the living room. It was brilliant, the house I mean. Ryan’s sister explained to me it had taken her 6 hours to decorate their house as it looked now. The music was good, the DJ played Hip-Hop. All of the guests were dancing. Although the weather was cold and dark clouds covered the sky, there was this easiness in the atmosphere. I could feel it.                                                                    
”It’s fantastic, really!” I said. I went over to the long table where they had set the food, drinks and sweets. I took some sweets and a little bit of the punch. Delicious. So delicious - I thought, but I had to eat something of this fatty food because otherwise I could not even drink one beer.  Embarrassing. I wondered what my sister was doing at the moment. Actually it was mean that Ryan hadn’t invited her to his party, but she is often so cruel. It was the right decision to take part at the party and not to stay with my sister - I tried to silence my conscience.                                                                                                       
”Hey Ellie, do you want to drink something? I can offer you our home-made punch or do you rather prefer a cold beer?” Ryan asked me.                                                                                     
“A cold beer would be fine. Desperados please.” Ryan was searching under the table but had to disappoint me because this special kind of beer was already drunk.                                                                                                 
”I can go and look if we have something left in the cellar?” he asked me.                              
“Oh no, that won’t be necessary. I will do it myself.”
As I went downstairs I noticed footsteps behind me. It was only the cat or any other drunken guest - I said to me. I switched on the light in the basement. Ah, there is the closet Ryan told me. There had to be still some beer left. I went over to the closet and opened it, but it was empty. Only a washed-out brown blanket laid on the ground. Well, that’s weird. Did I overlook another closet in this room? - I thought. Suddenly the light was turned off and it was so dark, I couldn’t see anything. I turned around but it was already too late. Someone pushed me into the closet. I heard the key turning around. I was captured. I was captured in a closet. I couldn’t believe what was happening. The footsteps removed slowly and the door to the cellar was closed. No one would hear me even if I started to scream. It was hopeless. Tears were running down my cheeks. Why… and who would do something so cruel? The party, the people, but actually the fact that Ryan had invited me; everything was so good until this happened. I was frightened. My blood ran cold. I started to tremble with fear. The air around me grew cold. All of it reminded me of a bad, bad horror film. I had to laugh because it was so incredible. The person who put me inside this closet must be mad. Really this person must be mad! This is just a dream, yes it is only a nightmare and in a few seconds I will wake up - I hoped. But as I realized that this was absolutely not only a bad nightmare I became scared again. I slapped against the door of the closet. I started to scream :                                             
”Hello. Hello! Can someone here me? Please! I was pushed into this closet. Hello! I am here!” I stopped screaming and listened. No answer.                           
“Please help me! Help! He-e-e-l-p!” But there was no one. It was hopeless. I had to accept my fate because there was no rescue.  What was Ryan doing and why was he not looking for me? - I wondered. Maybe I could. Yes that’s it! I send him a text massage and he will come and open the closet again – I thought. But as I took my mobile phone and sent him a text message I noticed that there was no reception. DAMN! That had to be a bad joke. I slowly sat down on the blanket because I wasn’t able to stand any longer. I felt sick and parched. I was so thirsty, I needed to drink something. If Ryan had described me the right closet I would have had a cold beer now - I was so upset.
I should scream for help again. Maybe someone would hear me yet.                                                                                                  
”Hello! Hello! Is there anybody? Please help me!” I stopped shouting and listened. But the music coming out of the living room drowned my noises out. It was time-wasting. It was so disturbing and terrifying. Tears flooded my eyes. I tried to gulp back my tears but I couldn’t. Why did Ryan not look for me? It seemed to take to eternity before the door was opened again.
Now I could clearly and distinctly perceive voices. It was Ryan’s voice and Lara’s. LARA? What was SHE doing here? Ryan hasn’t invited her? And she told me she would stay at home and watch a movie, waiting for our parents. What, if Lara had pushed me into the closet? No, that’s dubious because it’s my own sister - I thought. But maybe she wants to take revenge on me just because Ryan hadn’t invited her? - I couldn’t believe it. She knows that I like Ryan very much but probably she also likes him that much as I do! And she also knows that Ryan is a friend of mine and not of hers. Maybe Lara is jealous of me and therefore she wants to take revenge on me? - I considered. I kept calm because I didn’t want them to find me, at least not yet. The light was switched on and they went downstairs.                                                                
”Ellie I was sure I told you that the beer is here in the cellar? And you said you would go and get some?” I heard Ryan speaking.                                                                                            
“Really you told me? I can’t remember, sorry” my sister Lara answered him.                     
“Ellie, is something wrong with you? You behave so differently.”                                        
“Uhm, no. I’m fine.” That can’t be the truth - I was mad with anger. Is my sister really so calculating and mean? My own sister? In fact we are twins but that’s all of it. I couldn’t believe it, my own sister has deceived me. I stared into the darkness.                               
”Okay, Ellie, this is the closet. Wait, I will open it for you”, Ryan said. I heard him opening the cabinet door, getting two bottles of beer out of the closet. The closet had to stand on the other side of the room.                                                                                                                  
“Let’s go upstairs again. I don’t like cellars that much” Lara explained. Yes, exactly. She didn’t want Ryan to find me here in the other locked closet. Not on my watch!    “Ryan! R-y-a-n! Help! Please help me!” I screamed at the top of my voice.                              
“Ellie? Ellie are you over there?” he asked surprised.                                                              
“Yes, I am here in the locked closet. Help me. Please”, I cried. A few seconds later the door banged up. The light was dazzling. I had to blink. There were Ryan and Lara. She was dressed up as a Vampire. She got the same costume I had worn.                                                                                        
“Lara, what’s the point of that?” Ryan asked her bewilderedly.                                                                                                                                    
“What’s all the fuss about? Ryan, you didn’t invite me and I cannot understand it because I am much prettier than my sister Ellie” Lara said.                                      ”Are you daft? So you put Ellie inside the closet and locked it? Go away!” he shouted.                 
Lara gave me a dirty look and went upstairs. Ryan looked at me and said:                      
”Ellie, I am so sorry about it. I didn’t notice that you were missing and...”                                               
“It’s okay.” I looked at him and he returned my look. I couldn’t be angry with him because I greatly liked him. He approached and kissed me.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rebecca Ansmann.
Published on on 12/20/2014.


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