Lianna Fox

Prince of Barkness

We've lost the way
In scenic gloamings.
Now we are roaming 
In the heart
Of marvellous
Primeval Forest.
Ominous Trees
Are a silent crowd.

We used to take
Amazing photos
Of flowers, mushrooms, birds...
A jest:
A mirage-lake 
With a phantom-lotus
Ensnared us to a darkness-nest.

You bark, my Friend,
But no one hears.
Predators hide in thickets. But
A restless torch
Dispels the fears
That tire my mind and boil the blood.

There is a bog,
A devil's quarters.
We are unbidden. But...who knows...
'Cause every log
Appears to slaughter.
Hope you're to cheat, a human nose.

My guiding Dog 
Feels spectres' dances,
Forgotten traces,
And cleans the fog
Of growing fusses.
We share one lot, a happy lot.

The way to meed 
Is damp and hollow.
A long-expected cut of tea
Inspires the bit of strength to follow
The light of hope, 
The warmth of lee.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Lianna Fox.
Published on on 02/20/2015.


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