Marilyn Pérez Torres


Have you ever felt so guilty that's hurt in the deep core of your heart. And you tell yourself, it's not your whole fault, you can't hold all that pain forever, but your tricky mind roam again in the same damn though , make you feel like a monster... Forgives start with me, I got to get along with myself, it's hard enough to be judge by others and then strike all over me like a little child. But then, I could hide or run, now I have to fight, face to face,without the paralysis or fear. 

My biggest struggle is feel that I gave him, like a kid, something he always want but really don't realize how it's was, something new, like a toy or a candy, and he was so happy and then, by sudden take it away. He is not the only victim ,  I sell a dream of a family to two little boys...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Marilyn Pérez Torres.
Published on on 06/14/2015.


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