José Álvarez

The pirate wolf and the coloured houses

                                     Once upon a time, in a very far far away sea, there was a little island, where animals and people all lived together, as if they were a family.                                    In a green house, lived an old man, a duck, a hen and a piglet. The old man was cleaning the house, the duck was fishing in the sea, the hen was washing the dishes and the piglet was cleaning the window panes. In a yellow house, lived a young girl, a zebra, a kangaroo and a squirrel. The young girl was reading a tale, the zebra was putting wood on the fire, the kangaroo was cooking dinner and the squirrel was cleaning the roof.                               All of them had lived very happily and in harmony, since the beginning of time. But… one day a pirate wolf reached the island on board of its pirate ship. The wolf was very hungry; it had come from a long journey and had crossed through a big storm.                              From the top of the roof, the squirrel saw the pirate ship coming to the island, and it raised the alarm. A pirate ship´s coming! A pirate ship´s coming! -Said the squirrel jumping from roof to roof and warning all the island´s inhabitants. Upon hearing the bad news, all of them left their jobs, and hurried into their houses and shut up all the doors and windows from inside. The wolf continued sailing, it reached the island and moored its ship along the pier. Then it took out its sword and went straight to the green house, determined to fill up its belly and loot from the inhabitants. However, when it reached the green house, it found that all doors were closed, and aside from this, all the streets were empty. Then the wolf looked through the windows, trying to see if someone was in, but the piglet had cleaned the window panes so well, that the sun´s reflection prevented it from seeing anything inside the house. So, as the wolf couldn´t see anyone inside, it decided to knock on the door with its sword.                             -Bang bang, knocked the wolf with his sword. -It is the wolf, I want to eat, let me in. Open the door! -We don´t have any food here, -Answered the hen, -go to the yellow house, which is close to the fountain. They will give you a cauldron of hot fish over there. The wolf walked until the fountain, and looked for the yellow house. -Bang bang, knocked the wolf with its sword. -It is the wolf, I want to eat, let me in. Open the door! -We don´t have any food here, -answered the zebra, -go to the church, just below the bell tower, you will see the kangaroo preparing a cauldron of hot fish. The wolf walked to the church, and just below the bell tower, it saw the kangaroo stirring a cauldron of fish with a wooden spoon.                              -I´m the cook for this island, -The kangaroo said, -Come! And sit here, close to the cauldron, and eat calmly, for all that fish is for you. While the wolf was sitting close to the cauldron, and taking out its spoon from its saddlebag, the squirrel, which was the quickest, climbed up to the bell tower.                              The wolf looked at the cauldron with greediness, and ate with voracity, and the squirrel on top of the bell tower, and just above the wolf, chewed away at the rope which was holding the bell as fast as it could. The wolf ate and ate until it had filled its belly up, and after it wanted to keep the left over fish in its saddlebag. But in that pretty moment, the bell fell down, and the wolf was trapped in its interior.                              The bell made a loud noise, when it hit the floor; it made such a loud noise that the sound was heard throughout the entire island. And it was the agreed sign by the island`s inhabitants to open their doors and come out of their houses.                            The zebra and the kangaroo who were the strongest, tied up the wolf´s hands, and then they took it to its ship and put him on board. Then all the inhabitants of the island blew, blew and blew, until the ship moved away and sank, because previously, the duck with its strong beak had tapped out many holes under the floating line of the ship.                           At the end, they decided to throw a party, just to celebrate the wolf`s capture. However, the piglet was very angry, because the wolf had stained the window panes with its awful claws and its sacry nose .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I think this funny story promotes respect for animals and nature.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of José Álvarez.
Published on on 07/22/2015.


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