José Álvarez

The forest birds and the lynx



                                           Once upon a time, in a green meadow near to a little lake, there lived a duck mum with her ten ducklings. Before having her children, the duck mum had built up her home. She built it up with reeds from the lake, and then she decorated it with flowers from the field.

The duck mum was a very good cook. Whenever she baked a cake, its scent spread throughout the whole forest. And the duckling´s home was the envy of all birds, because they all wanted to taste those delicious cakes.

                                      Aside from this in this forest, there also lived a very large eagle, which was the bird´s forest guard, she didn´t let anyone disturb nor bother her friends. Owing to the good eagle`s work, the birds had since ever afore lived happily and in harmony, until one day, a lynx entered the forest. He was a truly cunning lynx; thus he always got to eat the chicks that fell down from nests above up high, without being seen by the guardian eagle.

                                    On account of that wicked lynx, one day the duck mum got into spot of bother, she had to go to visit her friend who lived at the far end of the forest. Her friend had had eight little ducklings, and the duck mum wanted to take her a gift.

The real problem was that she could neither take her children with her, because they were still very little and wouldn’t have withstood such a long journey, nor could she leave them alone at home, as the lynx might have come up with a trick to persuade her ducklings to open the door.

Due to this bothersome problem, before going to visit her friend, the duck mum spoke with the guardian eagle.

 -Good evening dear eagle, tomorrow I am going to be out and I have to leave my children alone at home, but I´m very afraid of the lynx. Would you mind keeping an eye on my ducklings please?

-No worries about that dear duck, of course! I will protect your children until you come back. I am going to hide in the highest tree of the forest, and … if the lynx approaches your reed home, I will descend on it and expel him forever from the forest.

The eagle´s answer lessened the duck mum`s worries, and made her feel safe.She went back home and brought her ducklings together, and before putting them to sleep she told them. –Dear children, tomorrow I going to be out all day long. About food, I have already baked two cakes for you, a wheat and a seed cake, so you have enough food for the whole day long. You won´t need to worry about anything, as I have also spoken to the eagle and she will take care of all of you. So, -continued the duck mum- the only thing you shouldn’t do is to open the door to anyone, until I return home. You already know what is going on outside. There are some wicked animals who walk through the forest hidden among the bushes, looking for tender ducklings

-Do not worry mum! -Said the ducklings- we will not open the door to anyone.

Then, the day after the duck mum got up early in the morning and she headed for her friend´s nest with the present held in her beak.

                                  The chicks closed the door from inside, and then they started to sleep, snuggled all together. But when they were dropping off asleep, someone knocked upon the door and woke them up.

-Bang bang.-Who is it? –Asked the ducklings- I am your neighbour the seagull; give me a slice of cake! And I will take you to see the sea in return. It is like a blue water lake without end, where in, there bathe ducks of all colours.

-No. Go away! We will bathe in our own lake with our mum.

And the seagull walked away very sadly, without tasting the wheat cake.

The ducklings looked through the window until the seagull was far away; and then they gathered and put themselves to sleep. However, someone knocked upon the door again, and woke them up.

-Bang bang-Who is it? -Asked the ducklings- I am your neighbour, the peacock; give me a slice of cake! And I will display my multicoloured tail in return under the shining Sun.

-No. Go away! Our mum will make a fan for us with flowers from the forest.

And the peacock walked away very sadly, without tasting the seeds cake.

And later… there came the lynx, who was hidden among the bushes waiting for the right moment, and he also knocked upon the duckling's home door.

-Bang bang -Who is it? –Asked the ducklings- I am your mum´s friend. Open the door! I have brought you a chocolate-coated corn cake. 

But before the ducklings had opened the door … Whoosh! The eagle launched on top of the lynx. Seized him by his back with her powerful claws and rose with him into the air.The lynx asked for clemency, when it was flying over the forest hanging from the mighty claws of the guardian eagle. He said that he was very hungry, and that he had only wanted a slice of cake. 

But the eagle didn´t have any pity for that wicked lynx that had eaten so many baby birds. And because of this, when they were flying above a river full of crocodiles, the eagle released the lynx, opening her claws and left it to fall down.-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr! 

Whilst below in the river, a crocodile waited with its mouth wide open. Snap!

The duck mum was very glad when she returned home, because her children were all inside the house, and they had not opened the door to anybody.Owing to this, the duck mum baked several cakes, she invited all the birds of the forest and they threw a party on the green meadow near to the lake. And while the nightingale as the best singer among all the birds, was singing his best melody, the peacock spread out several times his multicoloured tail, which was what the ducklings most liked. 









All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of José Álvarez.
Published on on 09/17/2015.


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