Bernhard Pappe

The Skeleton Blues


A pale skeleton sits on a rock
Centred in an indefinable landscape
Wearing a holey hat on his bare skull
A rainbow looks out of his empty eyes
Illuminates the bones
The skeleton prepares a cigarette
Smoking without flavour in lungs
Everywhere ashes to ashes in ruins
Urns seal rests of life
The skeleton sings a sad blues
With his loud and firm voice
Sings about death surrounding life
His blues harp prays to a cracked sky
The rhythm stomps and light floods down
The blues is rapid now
All urns sink deep down to the ground
All ruins are only dust in the wind
The wind changes into a storm
The rock is solid and the skeleton doesn’t move
The rainbow floods out from skeleton’s eyes
The landscape turns into green
Blossoms burst into bloom
The skeleton sings a blues about happy life

The skeleton will sit on his rock
During the time day by day
Will sing the blues of life and death
Will warn us to enjoy our time in green landscapes

© BPa / 11-2014


I lost my father one year ago. During his last hours
I was not able to be close to him. Music was one of
his favourites. These words try to keep him in mind.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bernhard Pappe.
Published on on 10/25/2015.


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