Jennifer Rawlings

The story of my life, Part 6 of 8

The next few days rolled by. Jenny was about to start her new job and Eve was off to college that day. She woke up early for the goodbye and came down in her gown.

�Well, there's my ride. I'm off,� said Eve to the family as a van pulled up.

�Be sure to call and write,� said her mom.

�I will, and I will see you at Christmas. We will spend the week at Nan's place again, yeah?�

�Yes, see you soon and just call me if anything happens.�

�Okay, mom, bye - and bye to you, too, Jenny!�

�Yeah, see you soon,� Jen said not very enthusiastically; she wanted Eve gone so she wouldn't be tormented by her constant ridicule.

�Give us a hug,� said Eve; hugging her mom, then Jenny. She tried to rap her arms around but couldn't. �God; you are round aren't you? I bet you will be huge by Christmas,� whispered Eve into Jenny's ear, while hugging, and she smiled when she let go. Eve jumped into her car and drove away for college.

�Well, come on then; time to get ready, Jenny,� said her mom.

Jenny showered and dressed in her smartest outfit. She did her hair and makeup and came down for breakfast. She filled right up for her big day, eating more then usual, because she felt a bit nervous. When it was time to go, Jenny got into her mom's much larger car as could give her a ride. She sat in the back, which meant more room and happily snacked on the way.

They arrived, and Jenny was given a name badge which gave her a 50% discount in the canteen. She smiled at this, remembering he �40 she had in her purse from the �100 she had left over from her shopping trip.

She was then taken up to the office on the first floor and shown whom she would be working with. It was quite a large office, and all six desks were along one side of the room while the fax, printer and photocopier where on the other. They also had a couch and a coffee machine. The women in there were all quite young, and they were allowed to have the stereo on as they had no clients ever come down there. They also had a TV and a large window over viewing the company grounds. Jenny could see the people were all kind looking, and it would be all right.

They all introduced themselves, and the boss of the group then took Jenny to her desk in the far corner. Jenny found it had an armless chair, which she would sit at, as she wouldn't have fitted into a normal chair.

�We have ordered you a new chair, and it will be here next week. This will have to do for now,� said her boss Janet.

�Okay,� said Jenny, which was all she said for most of the morning as she as shown what she would be doing. Soon Jenny had burnt off her breakfast and got hungry. �Can I go and have something to eat?� asked Jenny

�Yeah, sure. You can go the canteen anytime you like. Hungry already, then? Well, follow me,� said Jennet in a non-judgemental way.

Jenny was taken upstairs to the canteen. She put in her order, which would have fed all five girls all day. She used her 50% discount and took all her food back to the office. She then ate it all while being shown more of the job. Jenny felt relieved to be working with these people as they seemed friendly to her, and she wasn't embarrassed eating all her food around them. Shortly after she was done, the girls went to dinner, and she joined them and ate the same as they all they had.

�You know, lunch will be twice the price now,� said one of them in a friendly way.

�I bet you're thinking I'm a pig,� said Jenny. �I used to be thin - was like 112 lbs like a year ago. I guess I gained a lot.�

�You're not a pig, just a little big. This is okay with us,� said one girl and the others nodded with her, making Jenny fell better, she carried on eating.

The day and the week went on the same as she was shown the ropes. Jenny learnt them pretty quickly as the work wasn't too hard, and she found she liked the people she was working with. Jenny's eating didn't slow; in fact it sped up, as she got more comfy in her job.

On the drive home on the Friday, Jenny had her wages in her chubby hand and smiled as she planned what she would do with her cash. She could spend �20 a day on food at work, then set aside �40 a week for clothes shopping each month and then the other �60 was all hers. She figured should spend it on chocolate this week, so she asked to be dropped off a few streets from home. While she went into a shop, her mom carried on without her. She went around the shelves and found she could get four bars for a pound. �So four bars times 60 is�um�� Jenny said out loud.

�240, love,� said a passing old lady.

� Thanks,� said Jenny, going to the counter.

�Excuse me. Yes, I want to buy 240 bars of chocolate.�

�Right,� said the shop owner, �follow me to the back and I will have a look.� Jenny followed the man to his stock room, and he pulled out five boxes, he took 10 bars out of one and sealed it back up again.

�Thanks, here is the cash. But I need to get it home, how?� said Jenny puzzled, as she clearly couldn't carry it all.

�I can lend you this,� said the man, pulling out a little cart.

�Thanks, mate, I will get it back to you in 20 minutes,� said Jenny, loading up the cart.

She quickly took all her food back to her house and unloaded all the chocolate on the table. She then took the cart back to the shop and then returned home quite sweaty and tired. She changed into her robe and started on a box of the chocolate bars. She ate for the whole evening, not really denting the fridge supplies, and fell asleep on the couch holding a very full tummy and with a chocolaty smile on her fat face.

Meanwhile, Eve was unpacking in college and settling in. She had been invited to one party already, but her chubby state meant she wasn't too popular. She decided she had to remedy this fact, as she didn't want to be an outcast again. She set aside all the temptations of the junk food around her and set out a very healthy eating plan, leaving her hungry for most of the day. Eve also started jogging and only went a little distance, but she swore it hade started to make a difference. It hadn't though. Only losing one lb, she decided to call Jenny to see how she was doing - and maybe not be 100% truthful with her.

�Hi, Jenny, it's me! How are you?�

�Fine thanks�munch hang on a minute let me finish this chocolate bar���okay, so how are you?�

�Great, it's really lovely down here. I have made some friends and my room is great,� said Eve. They had a nice conversation about their new experiences in life; soon it went onto weight as Jenny started to wonder how Eve's freshman 15 was going

�So have you been eating the college diet?�

�I have to admit, yeah, I have. There is so much food around, and it's around me all the time. I have been doing a lot of eating just to be social, so I'm going to bed stuffed every night. To tell you the truth, I think I have gained already; my clothes feel a little tight, or it's the pizzas I had for dinner. What about you?�

�YES!� thought Jenny. �She is getting fatter already. By Christmas, she will be fat!� she thought. �Well, Eve, I have, umm, been holding off a little,� lied Jenny. She felt a little ashamed for eating all she had that night, rubbing her tight stomach. �Yeah, I am trying to shift a little weight, because I am in really bad shape.�

�Yeah, that's true.�

Jenny scowled down the phone. �Well, I'm off, sis, cus I am tired. We will talk again soon,� said Jenny hanging up, as she wanted to eat more as she hadn't eaten much while talking to Eve. Both girls smiled about their lies and hoped for progress on each other's behalf.

The next month flew by, and both of their weights changed. Eve managed to get herself down to 151 lbs; she was in a whole new wardrobe and found she fit in more as other girls gained weight. Eve found herself at more parties then ever before so was really enjoying college. Jenny had gained more weight though, passing the 300 lb mark, and landing in at 320 lbs. It was a Friday, and Jenny needed new clothes as she was swelling out all over the place. A ripping incident happened that day, but it was on the way to the car on the way home so nobody saw it. She was wearing her robe as it fitted the best and waiting on her call from Eve, who in her mind was getting fat, and Jenny wanted to know how big she was now. Jenny sat eating another doughnut, as she had spent her weekly food money entirely on doughnuts, which she planned to eat that weekend before they went stale - all 20 boxes. The phone soon rang, and Jenny got it


�Hi, it's me.�

�Hi, sis, how is college treating you?�

�Fine. You?�


The conversation wasn't great but soon went onto weight as usual.

�Yeah, I am doing great. Yep, hardly eating a thing,� said Jenny, wiping the layer of sugar off her mouth into her fat palm before pouring it into her mouth.

�I'm not doing so good, Jen. I weighed myself this morning, and I am 191 lbs! I have already gained well over my freshman 15 and had to buy more larger clothes.�

�Really,� said Jenny, scooping up another loaded donut.

�Yeah, I am so fat people aren't inviting me to parties, and I have no social life.�

�That's too bad,� said Jenny happily. �Well, have to go. I have another commitment,� said Jenny, hanging up �I don't want these getting stale,� she said aloud, moving onto her next box of doughnuts.

Jenny ate really late into the night and managed to finish all of the doughnuts, but she was really full as she tried to rub her tummy to speed up the painful digestion.

The next morning she woke up and headed right for the toilet. Her huge ass dwarfed the small seat, but she held on to the wall to stabilize herself a little. She then showered and prepared to go out and get some new clothes. While she was having breakfast, her mom walked in kitchen and spotted Jenny in a tight pair of jeans and a top showing a good few inches of belly.

�So, Jenny, where are you off to?�

�Clothes shopping�munch�this stuff is tight. By the way, can I go and get some more food?�

�Suppose you have to eat. Just try and get some healthy things,� said her mom, opening up her wallet.

�Sure, well, I am off,� said Jenny, finishing the last of her toast and heaving herself up from her seat. She took the cash and headed off. Her car was even tighter on her and she really struggled to get to town. She then went into her fat girl shop and bought new stuff in 2 sizes larger so they would last. They actually turned out to be loose on her, which was a first for a long time. Jenny then went food shopping, and a few hours later she arrived back home in an awfully packed car; it drove low down and her belly was pushing hard on the wheel.

�I'm going to have to sell this,� she told herself, struggling to pull into the drive.

After unloading all the food she went to her mom and talked about her car.

�Mom, it's about my car.�

�What about it?�

�Well, it's getting a little small,� said Jenny, feeling slightly embarrassed. Her mom figured out what she meant and relished the problem.

�So, you want to sell it, then?�

�Yeah, I don't really need it too much. I go to and from work with you and only go out on weekends, so I can get a taxi.�

�Okay, then. I will sort it out for you,� said her mom, picking up her mobile phone and calling one of her many associates. �Right, well, the man will be over tomorrow to evaluate it and maybe buy it. You should get it cleaned so you get all the money you can,� said her mom, handing Jenny more cash. Jenny smiled and took off for the local car wash and had the attendant clean it all out. While she waited, she spent the left over �10 on chocolate bars and had them all while standing by her car. She then went home and started eating as usual.

The next day soon came, and Jenny came out to watch the buyer value the car and make an offer.

�Well, I would say it's worth �5,000,� said the dealer.

�Really, that's great. Can I have the cash now?� asked Jenny, very naively, not knowing how these worked. At this point Jenny's mom came out and cut into the negotiations. She used her vast negotiations skills to get it up to �7000 for her daughter. Jenny was really happy and took her cash inside and put it in her purse.

�Wow, I am rich! How can I celebrate?�I know, there is that apple pie in the fridge!�

Time quickly flew for the family, and it soon turned into winter as Christmas approached. Jenny had been given higher wages and was now on �250 a week, which meant more cash for food, and she was really enjoying her job, even if she was still gaining. Jenny now totalled 358 lbs and was huge! She had a huge third chin and a very chubby face. Her arms thickened even more, and the sack of fat, which hung from them, swelled. Her fingers even got fatter, and this made typing a little slower as she sometimes hit two keys at once. Her arse exploded out from behind her more then ever and sagged quite a lot down the back of her huge, blubbery, cellulite ridden thighs. Her thighs now hung down well over her knees and swelled outwards, and this gave her a large waddle. Her hips expanded a few inches each side, making her take up most of the couch now, as well as filling her fat person's office chair to the maximum. She struggled to get out of it as her hips were wedged in on each side. Then came her belly, Jenny's fattest body part. Her tire now formed another underneath, as her gut hung down to mid-thigh and began to completely cover her lap when sitting. Her stretch mark covered belly was now used as a rest for food and her keyboard, as getting close to her desk was hard for her.

Jenny was truly fat and getting fatter and couldn't stop. Her weight gaining ways had also rubbed off on her co-workers as Jenny had a stream of food flowing into the office. They'd all indulged a lot, and most had gone up two clothes sizes, while one girl, near Jenny's age, named Melanie had gained 30 lbs since Jenny had arrived. Jenny didn't like the fact she was making others fat, but at least she wouldn't stand out as much when they had gained some more weight.

To her knowledge, Eve was up to 225 lbs and having a miserable time. But Eve was not exactly honest with Jenny and had been losing weight all the time and was really happy going to loads of parties as well as being one of the best students in her classes. Eve was now down to 134 lbs and feeling great, as she was now slimmer then a lot of girls, but not back down to her old self. She was really excited though and couldn't wait to see Jenny's reaction when she walked in, looking a lot slimmer. Jenny was now well over twice Eve's size. Eve planned to take the train directly to her grandparent's and meet everybody there.

Jenny was busy packing; she had recently been shopping for clothes and had a few outfits ready. She wanted to look as good as she could to bring attention away from her gain. She had just been to the beauty parlour and thought she was looking hot with her smooth white skin, deep blue eyes, short black hair and DD cup breasts. She failed to notice her tree truck thighs and the huge sack of fat, which she called a stomach. Jenny climbed in the car, weighing almost 200lbs more then the last time she saw the family. They had no idea she was this big; in fact, they thought she was thinner as her mom had led them to believe the girls had been losing weight - which was true for Eve, at least.

The drive was long, and Jenny was happy to arrive at dinnertime, as she was hungry. She was hesitant to go in, though, and lingered by the car for a while. When her parents arrived, Jenny followed them inside to the family and to a whole room of shocked faces. Jenny was now by far the Family Fatty, and she felt like dying as they all stood, gob-smacked by her girth. Jenny then went up to her room to unpack and chill out until dinnertime. As they were all so amazed at how much weight she had put on, she decided to make a pig out of herself and intended to put on a show. When she was called for dinner, she also heard that Eve had just arrived. Jenny hurried downstairs so see her fat sister.

�WHAT THE FUCK!� she shouted at Eve as soon as she spotted her slim-line sister in the hallway. �You said you were fat, but you're thin,� she said, feeling very confused.

�Oh, yeah, I did. I lied when I said I was a social outcast and getting fat when I was really losing weight and going to loads of parties. I guess you did the eating for all of us. Hey, Jen, come on � it's dinner time.�

Jenny felt betrayed, embarrassed and hungry.

�Well, sis, I thought you were holding back,� Eve said.. �I guess you lied, too. You look huge, Jenny! I bet you could probably eat me! Well, come on, it's dinner time' let's go and eat!�

Jenny took her seat, which was a bench, as she didn't fit the other chairs. She ate to put on a show for her not-so-loyal family. Jenny ate to fill her huge hungry stomach, and she ate with her hatred for Eve, who gazed at her smugly from across the table. The meal began, and Jenny ate like an animal, taking the dish of mashed potatoes for herself, while the rest of the table all had to use the other dish. She added two bars of butter and consumed the whole dish before moving on. Next came a joint of beef, which she had nearly to herself. Then several dishes full of veggies, all coated with butter. She ate more and more and nearly single-handily cleaned the table before looking at the people around the table and seeing her mother's look of shame and Eve's look of delight.

With all the food gone, Jenny's dessert was brought out, and she carried on doing the same. She pulled over a whole cake and started eating, then another and soon another. Jenny managed to eat half of another cake before stopping, as her Nan's cakes were very large and very rich. She wiped her face with her napkin and clung to her tight belly. Jenny opened her trousers and let her belly flow out. Jenny then reached for another cake and carried on eating until all the dessert was gone. She looked up to all the shocked faces, her mom's head hanging down and Eve's smiling face as she offered Jenny the last slice of cake - which Jenny accepted with a smile. Her belly poked right out as she watched her family all leave; she then got up and headed into the poolroom. She joined her uncle, and he fixed her few drinks, which she happily drank. Soon Jenny was ready to play pool. She got up, but her trousers were still open and her belly hanging out. She took a cue and bent over to take a shot from her uncle's break. Her gut rested on the table, and her cleavage nudged a few balls.

�I don't think this is my game anymore,� she said and took a hand full of nuts from the bar. Nobody really talked to her, but she was having an all right time eating nuts.

Meanwhile the women were all talking about Jenny.

�How did she get so big?� asked one woman.

�I know how much fatter is she since we last saw her?�

�Hey, don't be so hard on the girl,� said her mom.

�Did you make her eat all that food, mom?� asked Eve.

�Well, no, but you shouldn't be so hard on for gaining a little weight.�

�It's more then a little, mom,� said Eve happily.

Soon the conversation moved on and they all carried on chatting. When it got late, they all went to bed, as did Jenny. But before she could sleep, she sneaked down for a 20-minute snack; the food was so good she just couldn't stop eating. It tasted especially good because Jenny usually only had food from her local store, not high quality stuff like this. Jenny went to bed happily and slept well, holding her belly with both fat hands.

The next morning Jenny prepared for breakfast and was happy to see enough food for her to eat a hell of lot without cleaning the table on her own. But she got very close to doing just that and stuffed herself to the breaking point again to put on another show for her family. After all she was the Family Fatty, so she felt she had to eat like one. After breakfast, Jenny, with the help of Eve, went to the swimming pool. If she could put on a show of gluttony at the table then she could show them just how fat she was in the pool. She remembered she didn't have a costume and clearly couldn't borrow one from anybody else so she used her underwear. She had to wait an hour before she could get in to avoid cramping after eating so much. Once the time was up, she pulled off her clothes and stood in her bra and knickers and jumped in the pool giving a huge splash. Jenny continued to spend a lot of time in the water, as she found she could move a lot better, and it took the weight off her knees and ankles. She frequently left for drinks and toilet breaks, so people could see her and she could see the reactions.

But all the commotion and not eating or a few hours made Jenny very ready for lunch, which was a very big meal again. She put her clothes back on and came in for her meal. She again enjoyed the huge amount of food and happily consumed all she could before the food all ran out now. Jenny was really full, so she went for a few hours sleep to recover. Jenny then snacked until dinner, which was a lot bigger then the day before. She went for broke and unfastened her trousers and pulled up her top a bit. She then began the stuffing, which went on for the next four hours. Jenny managed to consume more then the day before and really felt it as she went to bed to sleep it all off.

Jenny woke up a few hours later and snacked all evening with her trousers unfastened and her gut hanging out. She loved the reaction she got and how nobody would say anything to her but just tried not to look at her.

The week went on, and Jenny was eating like a mad woman. She stuffed herself on the three main meals and snacked in-between. Most of her day was in the pool and she freely walked around the house in her underwear, claiming she was going back to the pool in a minute and there was no point in her getting dressed. All this time Eve was ecstatic as Jenny had lost it and was going all out. She, meanwhile, was not eating that much to try and keep her figure.

Then it was Christmas. It was going to be a big one for Jenny. They had to first go to church, so breakfast was set earlier so Jenny had to stuffed herself while she could. She decided to wear a denim skirt and a black top, which showed of a little belly but was respectful enough to wear to church. She started out on the walk down to the church with the rest of the family, but found she was really getting tired, so she ended up having a little rest on a tree. Throughout the service, all she thought about was food; she was looking forward to eating once back at the house. She had to make two rests on this journey as it was uphill most of the way. When they finally made it back to the house, it was time for presents.

Jenny had to get gifts for the family: very cheap ones from her low wages but they were all right. Jenny then began to open her stuff. She mainly got cash and jewellery, but most of it didn't fit as she had swelled up all over. It looked quite expensive, and she planed to sell most of it for food money. Then came her grandparent's present, a cheque for �1000. Jenny was very thankful, as she was getting quite rich, rich enough to leave home, but who would pay for her food? So that plan was out of the window for now. Her parent's present was at home, so she would have to have it when they got back. After the presents, came food, and a hell of a lot of it. They planned for brunch, then Christmas dinner and finally supper. It was one long meal, which would last the rest of the day. Jenny made a toilet break and took all her cash to her room. She soon started eating, and it all tasted so good that she ate faster and faster. Jenny found herself getting fuller then she planned by the end of brunch. When there came a 20-minute gap between meals, Jenny sat back and readied her belly for more incoming food. Eve watched on with delight. She had eaten a lot, too, but Jenny had already eaten more then she would all day - and probably the day after.

Next came the biggest meal of the day, and Jenny started right away being the first to dish herself out some food. Jenny threw out the idea she had of eating slowly and went full tilt to the others' disgust. She ate all she could as fast as she could, and the table soon emptied. Jenny grew confident that she had beaten the meal, but when more was brought out, she sighed at all the new food and carried on stuffing herself.

Jenny munched for hours, and the rest of the house all felt as full as she did because most people overindulge at Christmas. When dessert was bought out, the rest of the family was all feeling stuffed. But Jenny had gotten a new lease of life and began on her first cake. She ate it loudly and messily and enjoyed each chocolaty mouthful. By now her stomach was really tight, and she was in some pain from it but wouldn't stop her eating.

�Yummy�God, this skirt is tight�umm. Can I take it of?� she asked, waiting for the shocked looks which she received.

�Yeah, sure, honey,� said her mom as she watched her daughter take off her skirt.

�It's�okay. . . I am wearing knickers�� said Jenny as she carried on eating. Her belly flopped out even more and pushed her top up her stomach. Jenny carried on eating, and three cakes later was reaching her farthest limits so she asked about taking of her top off, as it was very restricting. She peeled it off and carried on eating in her underwear. Jenny got a buzz off the reaction she was getting, and it made her eat more food. Jenny took out two more cakes then on to supper. It was now getting late and people planned to leave after this meal, but Jenny didn't care. She just ate and ate and ate and went for her human limits, surpassing any previous stuffing and reaching a whole new place. Her stomach was hard and heavy and was crushing her fat legs. She was tossing her head, almost crying from the pain; she was red faced, bloated and loving it. People whispered about her, but she just wouldn't stop and forced more and more into her already full mouth, as she didn't have the power to swallow. Jenny had to give in sooner or later and lay back holding her huge belly. People chatted for a while as Jenny passed out from all the food.

Jenny only got up when the family were all ready to go. Her bags were packed so all she had to do was get up and leave. This took Eve's help as she couldn't move under her own power. Jenny had to give her family hugs and made each one of them wrap their arms around her as much as possible. Jenny was then taken to the car with Eve under her fat arm, took her place in the back and went right to sleep

Eve sat next to her and rested her hand on Jenny's hard belly and smiled at what her sister had become. She literally held her revenge in her hand, a massive revenge against her sister. When they got home, Jenny was taken to bed and she slept until 2pm the next day when she had to answer an urgent call of nature. While Jenny was on the toilet, she thought about how much she thrived on the reaction she now got from people. It was something she missed from her old days and had a taste for it again. She planned not to stay inside and hide. Jenny now wanted to go out and be seen by everybody. When she was done, she came into the lounge for her presents. Eve was given a beautiful set of new jewellery and a cheque. She tried it all on, and Jenny saw she couldn't think about borrowing any, as it didn't come close to fitting. Jenny sat down next to Eve on the couch. Her sister was almost sitting on her lap after she filled it with her arse.

�Well, what do I get?�

�Well, here you go,� said her mom, handing her a cheque.

�Wow, �1000, thanks mom. I have gotten rich off this holiday!�

�Jenny, are you okay after yesterday?� inquired her mother, patting Jenny's tummy making it jiggle.

�Yeah, Nan's food is the best, but think I overdid it a little. I weighed myself in the toilet, and I am 366 lbs. I am so fat I had to use a mirror so see the scale read-out,� said Jenny openly, as she slowly rose from her seat. The family looked at each other puzzled to Jenny's new attitude. She soon came down and left them very surprised, as she was wearing a pair of open jeans without a belt and a very old, tight t-shirt that was just a glorified bra as it rolled up her belly and only fitted around her buxom breasts.

�Are you looking for a top, honey?� asked her mom, seeing Jenny wobble down the stairs.

�Nope, I am getting a bite to eat, then I'm off,� said Jenny, starting her breakfast. She ate and ate, and Eve soon came to help, making cereal, buttering toast, getting her drinks. Soon Jenny was ready to go; her belly jutted out further as it was fuller. She waddled out to her taxi and got a nice reaction from her driver. Jenny first went to the pawn shop and got cash for all the jewellery.

�Yeah, I kind of outgrew it all,� she said, collecting the cash. Then she hit the bank and put �9000 into her account, leaving her with a few hundred to play with. She went to her fat girl shop and bought a new kind of wardrobe - more revealing outfits, generally. She was getting all kinds of reactions on the street. She bought things to show off her legs, her lower ass, gut and cleavage. She walked around town a bit, getting reactions from people, which she now started to crave. But soon Jenny wanted feeding, so she popped into KFC and got all the buckets she could carry. She took them to a bench on the high street and happily ate every bite, letting the grease spill down her. She stuffed herself with the chicken then moved on; she went into another food place and ate it out on the high street. She did this time after time and by the end she felt a lot fuller and a lot poorer. Jenny then went home as she was getting little cold; after all, it was winter and she was hardly wearing a thing. Her blubber did a good job keeping her warm, but she wanted to go home.

Jenny headed back, went right to the kitchen and carried on eating. She left all her clothes on the table and sat on the floor because it was easier to eat from there then going back and forth from the lounge. She just wanted more and more food; in a weird kind of way, she wanted to bigger - to get a greater reaction.

�Hey, sis, how you doing?� said Eve, spotting her sister sitting open legged in front of the fridge.

�Great, actually. I have a great new wardrobe and loads of food; I'm over the moon.�

�Shit, you are eating a lot, though, Jen, even for you. Yesterday was kind of freaky, even for a fatty like you!�

�I know. I have figured something out. It's like I wanted to get a reaction. I wanted the family to react to my weight gain and my eating habits, just like I used to get for being skinny and sexy. I guess I went a bit too far, though. I can still taste that turkey!�

�You wanted a reaction that bad?�

�Yeah, I miss getting a reaction from people and the only way I can now is by my, lets say, frame.�

�Really?� said Eve, amazed at what she had created.

�Yeah, it's almost as if I want to get fatter now. It may sound weird to you, but it's all I can to do get attention from people and get noticed, so I am gonna get fatter.�

�Are you sure about this? I think you know i wanted you fat but gaining weight on purpose?� said Eve, unsurely.

�Yep, it's you who started me off on getting fat and I carried it on. Don't you think its weird me eating like I have been? Any normal person would have stopped themselves; its like I've wanted it all along.�

�I suppose, so your New Year's resolution is to get fat.�

�Yep, and I know you want to help me.�

�Hell, yeah. If you want to get fat, have you thought about lard?�


�Yeah, I have to admit I used to feed you up on lard at night; it helped you get fatter quicker. How about you eat it consciously?�

�You did that; I did it to you, too,� said Jenny with a chuckle. They both smiled and Eve went and found a few bars and cut off a chunk for Jen, who was still sitting down in front of the fridge.

�Here you go. If you like this, then you will gain really fast.�

Jenny took a chunk and started eating, it was very chewy but Jenny swallowed it.

�Maybe if I eat it with something else - maybe this mayonnaise will help � and, oh, chocolate spread and how about a little butter to cap it off?� Jenny had the mixture in her fat hand and licked it all up and smiled. �This is good, but a bit messy and too many ingredients. But I am going to put lard into my meals from now on, sis.�

�Are you sure about this, Jenny?�

�Yep,� said Jenny, taking bites of lard with her food. She sat by the fridge and ate and ate, while Eve helped out by sorting out her food and microwaving pizzas. Jenny carried on eating and Eve watched her. Jenny went on until she could no longer sit up straight. She laid back on the pillows Eve bought in, and Eve proceeded to feed her by hand, which lasted two hours, leaving Jenny stuffed and unable to swallow. Jenny was now done, and Eve tried to get her up, but couldn't mange it so she left her to sleep it off. Jenny woke up at 1am and Eve helped her up to her room. Jenny got comfortable and went off to sleep, ready for more food tomorrow.

The whole day was just a binge for Jenny, and Eve helped herself to a bite here and there.

�I am glad I'm going tomorrow. You are a bad influence on me.�

�Yeah, I know,� said Jenny, smiling as she carried on eating.

The next morning Eve left, and Jenny got ready for her work. She remembered the approaching office party and was looking forward to it just as much as she was looking forward to lunch, it was kind of a Christmas/New Year's party, and Jenny was excited after not partying for so long. Jenny dressed in her new work wardrobe, a short skirt and a tight blouse that could hold in all of Jenny's hanging belly. She also bought another set of clothes for after work just in case she went out.

�Hi, girls,� said Jenny, noticing the others had been eating a lot over Christmas too as all of their clothes looked tight.

�Hi, Jenny, love the new look,� said one of them.

�Thanks, I am not gonna hide away anymore.�

With that, they started working as usual, and within 10 minutes Jenny headed off to the canteen. She bought back more food then usual, and she went for another load, faster then usual. She began eating, and so did the others and for the rest of the day one of them was getting more food while the others worked and snacked. This went on for the next few days, and they all packed lots away.

On the night of the office party, Jenny put on some hot pants and a boob tube and just waited for all the attention from the staff. She walked in with her work friends all in their party clothes, but she wore the least and outweighed them all. People all stared at Jenny as she danced, drank and took care of most of the buffet. Soon she was drunk and found she and her friends photocopying their arses. She climbed on last, and as she put all of her weight down on it � CRACK! - Jenny busted the screen. She was about to feel embarrassed but didn't. She revelled in the fact she had broken it with her arse, as the room was all staring at her. She was so drunk, though, she didn't realise her hot pants were still around her ankles. She pulled them up with a smile and carried on dancing.

The night went on, and they all had a great time, Jenny woke up on the office floor with nothing on except her knickers. She tried to remember what she had done as she dressed and left with a huge hangover. Jenny got home and went right to bed to sleep off the party. She woke up in the evening and started eating; she finished her meal at 12pm when she went to bed to get ready for work.

The next few weeks flew past, and Jenny, along with her co-workers, gained weight as more and more food went their way. Jenny as now 407 lbs of fat; her body cellulite thickened, and her belly grew closer to the floor as it approached her knees. She was wearing really tight, revealing things and loved all the reactions she got. At this point, the office girls were all over 150 lbs now. The fattest, Mel, used be the thinnest, but was now second fattest at 178 lbs, as she had gotten really close to Jenny and often went to her house and ended up stuffing herself.

Jenny was doing her work E-mail when she spotted an office memo, it read:

The company is planning a small competition. The office which has the greatest productivity over the next month will be given a 100% discount at the canteen or five days paid vacation each�
Jenny grew really excited and told all her friends. They had been paying a lot to keep themselves fed and really needed this discount. They all decided to work hard, putting one or two extra hours in a day. The next month was the hardest Jenny had ever worked, excluding eating, and the girls managed to win the prize, blowing all the other offices out of the water. They were each given new passes, and they all started to take full advantage of their discount. They had done so much work the previous month that there was hardly anything to do, so they mainly chilled out, dividing up the work and getting on with it and then eating for the rest of the day. This did help their weights go up as more food then ever came into the office and all of their waistbands expanded even more.

They had been on the free food for a month at the start of April, and the office was a lot fatter. They were all over 160 lbs. Melanie had swelled to 213 lbs as she was eating like Jenny and spending lots of time with her new best friend Jenny. The girl herself had now expanded to 476lbs and was huge. She no longer fitted her fat chair and spent her working day on the couch, taking care all the phone calls on her headset. She simply sat and ate between calls, loving how much attention she now got when she was out and about. She had her E cups out all the time, showing them to anybody who would look. Her old slim face was now buried under a huge, wide face and a massive second chin, which filled her neck and rolled onto her chest. Her round arms poked out the sides of her body and were as thick as her old waist. Her thighs swelled so much walking that she got friction burns when she had to waddle any kind of distance. Her arse flowed outwards all over the place and so did her hips. Then came her belly, which was now at the top of her knees when she bothered to stand, and, when she sat, it hung down between her legs as they were forced apart from their sheer size. Jenny was still wearing next to nothing and loving it.

That spring, the family all went to Nan's place as usual, and Jenny was loving all the reactions from her weight gain since the family had last seen her. Jenny only stopped eating to go in the pool so was constantly in her thong bikini, even when she was out of the water at the dinner table. She was eating all she could get and outdoing her previous performance. When she thought she had beaten a meal, her Nan just got out more delicious food, and she just carried on stuffing her massive gut. On the way down to the church this time, Jenny got a lift from her mom's car, as the walk was too much. Jenny found she was too big for the hutch pews, but she shouldn't stand that long so she just sat down in the isle.

Jenny was having the time of her life at her Nan's and made sure to show herself off to the family. Eve was enjoying it almost as much as Jenny was, seeing just how fat she was and how little she wore. At this point, Eve was at a comfy 123 lbs, and planned to stop dieting as she had managed to maintain a C cup and a round arse. Jenny bought herself a nice Easter present; 50 Easter eggs, which she took to her Nan's place and wolfed down in one sitting in her bikini as she claimed she was going back to the pool in a while. But she could not eat for an hour, so she had to wait until she could get in, which didn't happen.

When she got back home after a huge final dinner, she went right for the sofa to try and recover a bit before midnight snack but was interrupted by her mom.

�Jenny, we have to talk.�

�What about, mom?�

�Well, it's this,� she said, rubbing her huge stomach.

�What are you trying to say, mom?�

�Well, frankly, Jenny you are fat, too fat. It's not good for you; you can't get around like you used to and I'm getting worried.�

�How can you possibly call me fat?� said Jenny, loving this little heart to heart.

�Don't be offended, honey, but I think you need to go on a diet!�

This isn't what Jenny wanted to hear so she took action. �God. Mom. how can you be so cruel to me? So what, I am a little over weight - what's so wrong with that? Why do you have change me? I know you want the perfect daughter like Eve,� said Jenny, forcing herself to shed a tear.

�No, Jenny, it's not that��

�Why do you want to change me? I know I have let you down,� she sobbed.

�No, Jenny, let me talk. It's just you're a little too big.�

�How can you say that?� cried Jenny.

�Oh no, don't take it like that, baby. Jenny don't cry. You eat all you want to. Okay?�

�Okay, mom,� said Jenny, wiping away the tears as her mom left.

�Nice waterworks, Jenny,� said Eve who had seen it all.

�Thanks. I had to do something to stop her cutting me off. didn't I?�

�I can't really imagine you eating healthy food.�

�I know,� said Jenny turning on the TV.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jennifer Rawlings.
Published on on 10/19/2016.


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