Amelie Zeuner

Just Pain

I have never imagined there will be a person I would love so much
Before I met you
I have never imagined there will be a person who could hurt me so much
Before you hurt me
Was it your aim to destory the walls which protect myself from my feelings?
To show me what love is like
So that I will die a death more painfully
Than all I EVER could imagine even if I would try
Was that your aim when you made me falling in love with you?
To leave me suddenly and hurt me as much as possible
Would you like to feel what I feel?
To have a heart which seems to be pierced by hundreds of nails
No words are capable of describing what I feel
And there wont be words to describe it one day
I should wish you the same
Wish you that there will be a pain which follows you day by day until your life ends
But it would not be my style
Even if you were not fair cause you did not tell me anything
You have waited until I asked you
And you are cowardly
You did not tell me its over to my face
But Im crazy
Cause I love you
But one day love will be change for hate
If we won't be able to solve a problem
That ,Im afraid, exists
 I would like to solve it


You too?



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Amelie Zeuner.
Published on on 05/14/2006.


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