Ruediger Lambert


fictitious introspection

Inside of you, you know me. 

We’ve met many a time,
traced our roots and understood our pain of living
genuinely and – too - indulged in journeying through dream-landscapes.

We’ve talked with one another ,
philosophizing about life, its pains and particular delights,
sitting opposite to each other: 

me to you, you to me.

Deeply concerned you’ve shared with me your darkest thoughts, 

your innermost being, the  incredible pains you felt.
Without fear of being judged. Without being exposed.
. Trust against trust !

By stepping through the troublesome nightmares of yours
life slowed down and became shadows of reality.
When out of the depths of a dark void – a terrible stillness -
a glimmer of light awoke, it was to please your inner heart.

Without tolerating a single thought of betrayal or deception
there will never be a possibility of breaking the trust between us.
Your personal revelations will always leave you unharmed.
Inside of you, you know me.

Do I know me?






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ruediger Lambert.
Published on on 04/29/2017.


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