Precious Mokwena

The big black beast

The big black beast that lives inside me, the beast always wake up in the dark , it feeds  the darkness
When theres light it hides ,when the room is full of laughter it is nowhere to be found, when the space of relaxation comes it arises in me 
The big black beast it is uncontrollable by any emotions , a ribbon of darkness covers the heart of a prudent man. This beast is like a drug that drives me insane after screaming i feel so alive.

But it is always inside me;
I breath it ,
I live it,
I feed it everyday of my life...

It is the beast that lives inside me , inside the darkness where no one can reach or see but only i can feel the big black beast. 

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Precious Mokwena.
Published on on 06/01/2017.


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