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Real Life

"Because that's real life, isn't it? Living someone else's expectations."

And if you want to escape this world let me tell you something: the only people that can help you are honest people. There are always people which are nice, people which are supportive, people which are always there for you, no matter whats wrong. But let's take drug addiction as a metaphor. (I like taking drug addiction as a metaphor) People that help you when you're on rehab, that tell you how bad drugs are, that pick you up from a party after u inhaled tons of weed and drive you home, all these people help you. But they help you live in a world controlled by others, they help you live other people's expectations.

Maybe you know someone. Someone that isn't the kind of person you normally talk to. Maybe he is a quiet weirdo sitting in the corner and not talking to anyone. Maybe she is a loud and annoying person, that everyone calls mean and not empathic, not being able to feel anything. But I can tell you: Those are the people which don't care about you. You think that's a negative thing but hang on: Those people don't care about you. They don't care if you stay on the streets taking heroine until u die from it. But they also don't care if you get your life together and live happily ever after. Let's take another metaphor: love. Almost everyone has experienced it and most of you will say love is a good thing. Some people didn't have as good experiences but let's take love as our example. I will now do a comparison that has absolutely no connection to real life but should be relatable for some of you:

A girl named Nancy. She has a best friend called Margret and a boyfriend called Mark. Mark has a best friend called Alex. There's also a guy called Aiden. He is a bit of a weirdo but Nancy sits next to him and he talks weird stuff and tells her things that are kind of mean but she still talks to him sometimes.

So, Nancy has been in a relationship with Mark for quite a long time. But recently Mark started hanging out less and less with her. Of course, Nancy wants to know why. So she talks to her best friend Margret. Margret is her best friend, so she has to support her and always be by her side, because that is what best friends do right? So Margret sees how mistrustful Nancy is and though she has to support her all the time she tries to say what she things Nancy wants to hear. Also, as a best friend, you are kind of a second choice. Because if your bestfriend gets a boyfriend, she will spend less time with you. So Margret tells : That Mark is cheating on her. That's good for Margret because if they break up she will get to spend more time with Nancy. But Nancy isn't fully convinced so she talks to Mark's best friend, Alex. Alex knows the Brocode and doesn't want to impair Mark. So he tells her he is just very busy and it is just a temporary Phase. So, though she doesn't see any other possibility, Nancy talks to her boyfriend Mark. Mark, the only one that actually knows the truth, tells her that he is working besides to earn some extra money. Nancy is not sure what she should believe and is very unfocused the next days. Her neighbour in school, Aiden, notices that and appeals to her mood in a rather unfriendly way. But since he is the only one that seems to be interested in her problem, Nancy tells him everything. Mark doesn't know Margret, Mark or Alex. He doesn't want to support his best friend, protect his bro or hush up his business. He simply tells Nancy what he would do: He tells her to talk to her boyfriend about her fears and feelings, even though he might be offended. Maybe she can come and visit him at his workplace and meet his colleagues. And that's what Nancy does. 

If you were Nancy you probably wouldn't trust the weirdo but that's the point. You can choose your own ending: Maybe Mark was working to buy a ring for Nancy. But maybe he also cheated on her. Maybe he also goes to some questionable sect and prays to satan, who knows? The point is: Your friends might give you the feeling to be loved and they will be there for you. But the people, that are like Aiden, the weirdos, the despised, the mean ones: they are the ones that can help you. They make weird metaphors like drug dealing and love. They tell you senseless stories about some girls and boys that have problems in their narrow world. But trust me. They can help you if you want to escape your life for a few seconds. If you wanna hear about things your mind couldn't ever imagine before. They will open doors in your mind that lead into a dusty, dark room but the room is full of treasures, that will change you forever. I promise.

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Published on e-Stories.org on 01/11/2018.


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