Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez

The incredible story of the birdman

He lays sideways on his back and felt more and more his forces leaving. The warm blood

poured out of the severe puncture of his abdomen; a small puddle accumulated on the cool

pavement. He could notice it very clearly; this deep red source which left the life from

his body. Dazed and unable to move, he sank into the depths of his

thoughts. He saw himself standing by that magical lake as a little boy. And there was this

gorgeous beautiful woman floating over the water. This beautiful delicate sense of flowers

and then the air filled with singing birds.

"I have fulfilled your mission,"came from his lips, "I have fulfilled your mission,
Mitra, my Goddess of Love". His head turned to the side, he moved his eyes

heavenward. Suddenly he was surrounded by this well-known delicate flower scent. And there she was

the goddess of love. Mitra arose before him: "You have saved the love for mankind, birdman,"

she said gently, bent over his head and breathed a kiss on his forehead. He

smiled and closed his eyes.

And that's how it all started:

In front of the doors of majestic mountains, large forests once spread out. Happy, fresh,

mountain springs nourished them for eternities. It is therefore not surprising that

all the trees were in good shape and many were hundreds of years old. Her real age knew

not even a mortal. It always remained their secret. The lake which was fed by the springs laid deep in the

forests, guarded by branches of ancient, wise giant trees. Their roots were protecting his shore

so that no man could pollute his water. To many people

the dense, dark woods were scary. The ancients told each other long before our time

stories about ghosts, demons and gruesome creatures they are supposed to harbor.

So the people stood away from the forests and looked with awe at their mighty

crowns. Protected in a crevice, the rocky gorge not far away, laid

arounded by walls the little monastery. His age isunknown. It was as far as the inhabitants of the valley

think back on. It was somehow always there.

The peaceful valley provided by a river with fresh water spread fruitfully

below of the walls of the monastery and surrounding mountain slopes.

Thirty monks lived in the monastery and all were of the same age: year of birth, day of birth, hour of birth,

even second of birth were in accord with all the monks. Only the very old wise abbot; he had already had

many decades come and go, he's probably reached an infinite age. That's not even surprising that people

also telling true miracle stories about him. His wisdom

is fed by the ancestors of past centuries. Yes, even the gods would ask him for advice

it was said. The monks rarely came down into the valley. However, once a year the surrounding

villages in the valley celebrated a feast in honor of the goddess of love, Mitra. It was Thanksgiving.


Mitra was the symbol of love. She embodied the love of interpersonal relationship, love and

respect for all animals on earth, love for water. Because who carries the pure love of nature within him,

is pure of heart, pure of love. The people thanked her that they always had sufficient to eat,

that they could be happy and satisfied and that the earth had given them everything that they needed

for the rest their life. They decorated the huge aerial roots of the ancient Ficus tree on the river bank with

colorful garlands of fabric and small brass bells thanked with cheerful rings with every breeze of wind.

For the villagers, the old Ficus stands for a long and healthy, respectful life; respect for nature.


All the monks also took part in these joyful celebration. Only the wise abbot observed the hustle

and bustle from the bank of the river. To be continued.........



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In den Gedichten hat der Autor das lyrische "Ich" durch ein vorwiegendes lyrisches "Du" bzw. "Wir" ersetzt, was eine kollektive Nähe zum Geschehenen hervorruft.
Die sehr eindrücklichen Beschreibungen leben von den vielen Metaphern und Vergleichen.
Eine klare und leicht verständliche Sprache sowie wohlgeformte Reime ermöglichen dem Leser einen guten Zugang zu den Gedichten.
Etwas für Lyrik-Liebhaber und jene, die gerne über das Leben philosophieren. Eine kleine poetische Reise, die den Leser zum Verweilen und zum Nachdenken über den Sinn des Lebens einlädt.

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