Brigitte Waldner

Refugee Poetry Austria

(Poetry Slam)

Hi, Migrants of Syria,
We welcome you to Austria,
The country which you come through,
It is in the middle of Europe too.
Take it for granted we treat you
With respect, yes, we really do.
We help you and give you support,
Asylum is the keyword.

We will make your wishes come true,
This country is safe, we will shelter you.
Your children will get education,
And the grown up population
We send straight on to university,
Where you can study for free.
This is our special offer to you,
This chance never happens before for true.

We treat you with priority,
All you need to live here is free.
Austria goes a different way,
For you must be happy today,
Tomorrow it will be too late,
So we opened for you every gate.
We offer you special programs.
Please be so kind and take your chance.

You will never regret your decision,
This is the Austrian welcome mission.
We are human as human can be,
We Austrian plea for humanity.
Some treat you like animals anywhere,
Believe us we sigh and say, this is not fair.
Dangerous is the long way to Europe,
Longing for shelter in freedom to hope.

Some of yours were dying ashore,
Plenty of tears are running for sure,
Children were drowned in the sea,
Do not take rubber boats we plea,
Keep away from Refugee smugglers,
They are very dangerous liars.
We have packed welcome parcels today
Which will be given to you on your way.

© Brigitte Waldner (18.9.2015)

Note to the poem:
Written at the time of welcome policies in September 2015.
In the meantime a new government has been elected
and welcome policies have been discontinued.

Picture: © Brigitte Waldner „Beautiful Austria“ geht bei Englisch leider nicht mit!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Brigitte Waldner.
Published on on 09/24/2018.


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