Ruediger Lambert


1. SEAWARD ensnares the ardent desire to dissolve me deeper
into the beguiling musk of your soul, abandoned in your wild orchid scent.

With the herald of the morning, pervaded by the early dawn,
a penetrating light of joie de vivre emanates from your provocative eyes.

The winds move on to where
they always go and

... blow.

2. ALONE and surrounded by the sea to face longing,
to purify mind and spirit with roaring winds and salty water, besieged by screaming  of marine birds. 


The endless screaming of the seagulls as a symbol of eternallife
the relentless force of the winds that drive the boundless energy of the oceans

appear as icons of unbridled vitality
and zest for

… live !

3. SEABOUND! The cries of the seabirds in the torn sky
seem to fade with constantly changing winds,

the sea preserves its energy and paves the way for many illusions.
The extend of psychoactive emotions has led to the perceived longing:

Unconditional love !  
The wide sea grants me...  

Freedom !


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ruediger Lambert.
Published on on 04/22/2019.


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