Bernhard Pappe

Milky clouds in black coffees and other stories

White drops in a black coffee

Bright milky clouds

Spread in a dark universe

I observe their ways like God

I don’t stir

I see clouds growing

I see clouds reaching the end


I jump in

There is no end

There is a universe of thoughts

Are there clouds I can discover

Are there lanes I can  walk on

Are there shoes I can run with

Are there stories I can tell


Lost in thoughts

Dark matter

Evil thoughts

Dance and confusion

Milky clouds in a dark space

Light of explosions

Runs out for eternity


Follow me if you are brave

Follow me to all stories I can tell

See all monsters of love

See all nightmares in life

Follow all hopes and all dreams

To follow me means to follow your own mind

Into cups of white coffee and other stories

© BPa / 01-2014


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Bernhard Pappe.
Published on on 06/02/2019.


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