Simone Goertz




How I found love on a plate of chrome

Some heliographic point of view

The period of exploitation

The period of suffering


Has took so long to reach the outer quarts

Flaring through foggy clouds

Like a heartbeat on its way to maintain life


Like a big ball of lost, grey thoughts and memories

Before that spot has encountered velocities

And atrocities of unsustainable matter


Homeland is only a word or an error

With undictated wishes and hopes

With an array of walls of interstellar dust

Death has no meaning here


Red nights and places

Bringer of compressed substances

In a position of meditative peace

But seeing questions ahead


There is a zero line of over 250 years

It would took to send a word or

To recognize the beauty among darkness

The openness among frames


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Simone Goertz.
Published on on 08/12/2019.


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