Chiara Fabiano

Scene excerpt - the sound of rebellion

She bit onto her tongue until the pain reached every of her nerves. What had she just done? Why hadn´t she been able to shut her mouth? The Grip of her father around her shoulder became stronger, he almost buried his fingers into her flesh. A very hurting silence had spread out around them. His cold, blue eyes looked down to her, he was so much taller, so much more threatening than her. Though it had been her words which had expressed a threat anyway towards him and his clan of brownshirted morons. She stared into his eyes all strong even though every muscle of her body was shaking. There was a painful fear driving through her body but in no case she would break off the eye contact first. It seemed like an eternity in which they both were the only ones to exist. Her gentle, green eyes were frozen by his stary view. She knew what he was thinking, now there would never be a way back. That was what they were like, that was their whole nature. They pretended to be greedy of wisdom, greedy of truth, even though they were liars day and night. Human polygraphs trained to find every tiny secret in another human´s mind. Their task was to explore the precipice of a soul. They moved like silent snakes, creeping, approaching until they rammed you their poisoned teeth into your body. Finally they killed their victim, they did it every time. Just as she thought he would start his last attack on her, his mouth, normally having the form of a monotone straight line, transformed into a macabre smirk. He came closer so that she could smell his parfume on his dark green uniform. His breath stroke over her skin. „You´ve got some tomboy, Sir Schmidt“, he said without quitting his glance on her. The multiple couples around them danced to prussias gloria it almost seemed surreal how they swirled around most happily. „Yes“, her father confirmed in a strong tone. „Yes, I have“. She knew that the accusation in his voice was meant for her. Then heavily swallowing she broke off the eye contact, couldn´t endure the felling of his eyes on her anymore. A bright smile of triumph laid down on his lips. He knew he had won. Again. „Well“, he took a deep breath, „To be a tomboy is no problem as long as the wild nature is useful for the goals and intentions of our Reich.“ She could clearly hear the underlying threat in his voice, as clear as pure whisky burning down her throat. „I suppose it is more a lack of convenience, a product of her youth, First Lieutenant Walter. How could someone her age appreciate all those great deeds our Führer does for our country? Nevertheless her understanding will come when our Reich becomes the greatest in the world. We obviously will invest every power, every strength of ours into the goals and claims of our Führer, won´t we Charlotte?“. Charlotte felt hate raising up her body. She would refuse, would rather cut off her tongue before agreeing with her father and promise this Nazi her strength and efforts, which he in no way deserved. But those statements would have been high treason and they would not refuse shooting her anytime. Suddenly there was a soft break in the music and out oft he gramophone from the other end oft he room rang out beethoven´s ninth. Charlotte swallowed and opened her mouth. „Yes. Of course“, she replied with suffocated voice. Her father took a deep breath of relief and began to laugh nervously. „Youth, my god, what a time! Full of emotions and rebellion.“ First Lieutenant Walter focused her for a last time with his eyes before he overplayedly began to laugh. „You can train every character it is only the question of the trainer´s ability“, he answered now focussing her father. „But that is enough of this unpleasant topic now, I think a dance wouldn´t be a bad idea to get rid of all those negative energy around us. We shall celebrate the victory of our Führer and not stand around doing nothing. I am obviously too old and not nearly musically enough but oh, what a coincidence! There is my son, Johann.“ He waved into the direction behind Charlotte. And as she turned around and got a look onto his son a feeling of pure shock drove through her limbs. She knew she had met this young man before. His blonde hair was elegantly styled back, his blue eyes were sparkling but not as cold as his father´s eyes. They were warm and gentle. His tall and splendid figure was perfectly underlined by his dark blue uniform. Charlotte could feel her heart racing, she was absolutely sure. And as his eyes found hers everyone could have seen that he recognised her aswell.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Chiara Fabiano.
Published on on 08/22/2019.


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