Carolin Schwab


Layiní back back on the soil

Lookiní upon the sky

Watching clouds moviní high

In the endless space above


Feeling freedom

Cominí along

Thoughts thrown beside

The very first time they hide


Things I know

Get forgotten

Everything felt

Loses importance


Liviní life

As it is

Just right now

No idea of yesterday tomorrow

Timeís simply nothing to borrow


I take the time I need

To calm down

Itís my own speed


Itís my life

Itís my time

Itís my velocity


We had to write a poem in our English class....It was the reason for beginning this poem.....

But for the homework the first two stanzas were enough,I'd never have read out the rest of it.....

Should be about "the little moment which fills life with joy"
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Carolin Schwab.
Published on on 07/11/2006.


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