Angie Pfeiffer

What are you dreaming about?

In the Scottish Highlands there was once a rock, larger than his brothers, but he belonged to them. Together they braved the raging storm, the lashing rain and even the freezing frost could not harm them. One day the friendly westerly wind carried a seed to them. It fell into a small crevice of the big rock and a plant grew out of it. Small at first and puny, for the rock would not feed them. "What are you doing here," he rumbled.
"Oh, I'm growing and you're helping me," whispered the plant.
"I cannot help you, for I am a hard rock. You'd better go away."
"But you are strong, give me shelter and food, if you will. I want to stay with you," the plant replied and nestled herself in a constant search. The rock knew no answer to this, for no one had ever asked him for anything like this before. So he tolerated the plant.
It grew up, got the first buds, blossomed. The rock protected it, nourished it.

"It's beautiful here with you," she whispered one day.
"I am rough and rugged, no one finds me beautiful," was the answer of the rock, but secretly he was happy about the plant, for it adorned him with its flowers, made him unique by its attention.

"What are you dreaming of", she asked him once.
"I don't know", he replied. "What are you dreaming about?"
The plant smiled at him. "One day we'll both be dust and we'll be able to fly anywhere with the wind."
That's when he started loving her.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Angie Pfeiffer.
Published on on 03/20/2020.


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