Marie Sophie

Little Walk in Town

I crossed empty streets today
For a little walk in town.

It feels like a movie scenery
- We call it lockdown.

Smell of spring

And a deep blue sky

Birds in the trees,

Singing the winter goodbye.

A handwritten sign on the store makes me smile

So hopeful as it says –we’ll be back in a while.

It’s cruel and the same time it’s peaceful at all

And it’s spring but at the same time it feels like fall.

And the birds sing like they know what it means,

That the earth takes a little break to heal.

The wind whispers something

It sounds like your name

Or maybe my mind plays a foolish game.

And the river still flows the same way like before

when we owned the world, but wanted more.

And the birds are singing what I already knew

Nothing lasts forever though the sky is so blue.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Marie Sophie.
Published on on 03/26/2020.


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