Joseph Trance

Transformers´ Harbinger

Flashback :  Universal City, California Summer summer 2012       ​​​​​                                           It was so hot the rocks were sweating. Jake hunched his shoulders and pressed his back against the wall trying to get some cool. Sheila moved away from the ticket line and walked over to him.                                                  " Too much for you, huh."  She said. Jake lifted his tank top and mopped his brow.                                                              "What's it like... One fifty?," He asked. Sheila closed her eyes, and slid her mind into her skin. She opened her eyes and smiled.                                                                                       "No, honey it's only 100.237 degrees. But it's the humidity that kills you."                                                             Jake  stared at her.  He shook his head.                        "Well... Whatever it is, it's too much.".                Sheila opened the office sized black bag hanging from her shoulders, and pulled out an ice  water. She opened the twist off with her teeth and cannon shot the plastic top on the ground.                                                                                                        " Here, "she said, offering Jake the bottle. "Drink up." Jake took the bottle and placed the opening to his lips. The opening itself was  iced he rubbed his parched lips with it. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye.      "Where did you get an ice water from?"  He asked.      " You didn't have one when we left house and we've been in this heat for at least two hours!" ​​​​​​Sheila smirked and regarded him with a raised eyebrow.      " What have I told you about questions, Love? Don't ask... "       "Unless I really want to know," he answered.      " Well then...? "Sheila stared and took inventory. He was lanky, tall and sweaty. She scanned his six-pack exposed from lifting his tank top, then eye swept his muscular legs and arms.  His short black hair cropped his top, and his lean smooth face made her smile. Such a handsome man she thought. Would he sacrifice all of that and ask another question?  She waited, a cat pawing a mouse.       "On second thought... forget it. "Jake said " Why  spoil a good thing?" He answered, half to himself half to the air. ​                                 She walked away from him and back to the ticket line... So many people waiting to see them. If they only knew, she thought. She looked up and at the pictures on the Marquis and smiled. "Cousins," she said with a nod.              Jake had asked a different question once, a long time ago. It wasn't a 'where' question but a 'who'. She  told him, and then showed him. He didn't ask any more questions after that. On that night, they stood arm-in-arm on the edge of a lake as the night sky darkened. The nearby rowboat docked and bobbed in the lake as starts began to come out. Jake closed his eyes, and breathed it all in. The rich smell of the  grass behind them filled him. She turned and faced him, starlight reflected in her eyes.           "You really want to know?" She asked. Jake slowly sat down and looked up at her.     "Yes. Really... Who are you?" He looked at the starlight reflected in her eyes.     " You're sure? "She asked          "Yes. YES." He insisted. "Okay , "she sighed. She closed her eyes and raised her hands to the sky, palms up. She began to hum... first with her throat... Not a song, not with her voice, but a slow building throat hum.  Then the sound began to slowly build. It grew slowly and steadily as it spread through the rest of her body.   Her whole body began to hum; a car with the engine running idle. Jake felt the air around him begin to vibrate. Sheila's body began to Glow. There was the sound of whirling wind, a flash of light,  and then colors surrounded him: brilliant yellow, red, green and orange popping. all around him.  Jakes shut his eyes. Then  the music: calling far off at first, but it got closer and closer, a symphony of sound building;  pianos, and pipe organs, string and wind instruments, drums and violins burst forth a song of joy.     Jake felt his body begin to move. He felt himself be lifted into the air moved by a musical wind. An image of Sheila appeared in his mind. He watched as her body shimmered until wings emerged, and slowly spread open, and then she glowed white in the middle of the colors. She was the brightest light he had ever seen. She was so bright Jake had to cover his closed eyes with his arm. Then... Movement; the feeling of being swept up and lifted higher, higher and higher he went. FEAR suddenly filled  him as he felt a loss of control. He was going to fall. He was going to die. What was happening? Where was he going?         "Sheila... What's happening!? "He yelled. Then as suddenly as it had begun,  it was over. He could feel the darkness desend over him. He lowered his arms slowly. Only darkness remained. Sheila was gone and he was alone.    He was sitting in the field, deflated like a spent balloon, shaking not from the cold but from abandonment. He looked up at the brightly glowing stars. "Oooohhh"  he whispered.  The rich smell of tall Grass filled his lungs and he breathed it in deeply. Jake laid down and fell asleep... A very deep, deep sleep.      When he finally awoke, an orange sun was rising and the lake was in front of him, quiet and serene. A family of ducklings floated silently on it.  Jake lay there,  inhaled deeply and watched the sun ascend. He smelled the richness of green grass and fresh air mixed with morning dew.  He rolled over and lay on his back, looking up at a clearing blue sky. He tried to remember what had happened. He tried to remember who he was, what he had done, and where he was. He tried but his mind blanked and he closed his eyes trying to orient himself. His mind raced to remember facts. Who was he, what was he, what happened?  Then, with the clarity of an ice cube settling in his cloudy mind, he remembered the question...the conversation; "Who are you? "He asked, pressing his nose into her hair. "You don't want to know," she said and leaned into him. "Yes... I do," he insisted. Jake remembered it like the whisper of a dream; cloudy, ethereal, hovering like a wisp of air that brushes the consciousness, but then dies down in a fleeting moment.  He closed his eyes trying to regain himself. Silence settled on him and then...                                  "Hey ! " His eyes popped open. Sheila was sitting next to him.  Jay blinked. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers trying to focus.                                                                     "What... What happened...". He stuttered as Sheila came into focus.                                                                                    "You fell asleep,"  Sheila answered.                                      "But... The colors... The lights... The music..." Sheila look deeply into his eyes. They glowed...starlight.                                " You fell asleep." She  said again.                                         "But... But... You glowed. You... Hummed. Those wings...  The light..."Jake whispered... Sheila slowly reached out and gently placed her palm on Jake's forehead. The light in her eyes glowed hot white. Jake shut his eyes to block it o                     He heard Sheila one more time .           "You.. Fell... Asleep.."                                                    "I fell asleep. "   He whispered in agreement.  He nodded his head slowly.  That was a long time ago. They never talked about it again.                                                                   The doors opened and the lines moved. "Jake, we're moving ,"  Sheila called to him.  He moved slowly away from the wall and shuffled over to her. He he took another swig of ice water. Shilla hooked her arm through his as they approached the doors. "This should be fun," she said as she looked up at the bold Marquee sign:                                         TRANSFORMERS:  3d Ride    They walked through the doors and Sheila smiled as a warm light began to glow inside of her.  

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 07/02/2020.


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