Joseph Trance

Anniversary Trip

     It had been years since they had gone there. But now this was May and the night before their twenty-fifth year of marriage, and he was determined to make the journey. He made a resolve that even if she didn’t want to go, he would... as lonely as that would be.   The disappointments of having no children, failed adoptions and the death of the one daughter they did adopt, had stopped them from revisiting that place. There was always something it seemed. Some job, some duty that had to be done, something more important than going there.

hen  The Sickness came from November till June of  1998-2000:  the sickness that brought them closer together.   She had been feeling uneasiness in her body, but just attributed it to her getting older. It got worse and slowly progressed. Finally, she couldn’t move because of it. She could hardly breathe. She ended up needing a walker and then later on, a motorized chair.   She went for testing and the chemicals that they used to induce the stress test caused an allergic reaction that convulsed her body and bent her hands in atrophy.   They didn’t have an antidote ready and they called for a crash cart to revive her. She survived that, and that incident opened a door that eventually revealed something more.
     They went for more tests, and to three hospitals that all told her the same thing: “We don’t know. We can’t figure it out.” That was the beginning of their journey. Over the next four months together they prayed and he became stronger.   He prayed the Word over her, led them in communion and prayed over her while she slept.   He appreciated her every breath, waited and watched for her every movement.   He called on friends and relatives and asked them to pray as well.     It was a time when he had a revelation of God as comforter and the lifter of his head.

     They went for even more tests and then to Healing Rooms and Healing Conventions and even to that one man that had a reputation for chasing and exercising demons; that one cost them three thousand dollars for a five hour secession.  Finally they went to a Christian Doctor who owned a medical practice and the sixth floor of a building on Park Avenue.   They flew from Floridato New York and spent fifteen thousand dollars on testing. They stayed at hotels in NJ and took two hour trips to New York by train to save on  transportation costs. It was a unique medical practice. They set her up in a room and the testing was done there. They did all kinds of tests; blood, brain, body muscles,  paper and pencil evaluations, and tests using all kinds of machines that gave instant computer read outs. She went through thermal scans and a 3 Level MRI. In the end, they found that she had the anti-body for Lyme disease, and that she was going through menopause.
"She could have been bitten by a tic ten years ago and just feeling the symptions now,"  the doctor said.

     They gave her supplements and prescription medications that would replace chemicals that her body had stopped producing. They put her on a diet plan that restricted her from having gluten, soy, sugar and wheat. Slowly she came back and recovered. It had been a long, long process.


Twenty five years; he looked at her sleeping form. Her back was to him. He felt an overwhelming desire, and then decided to take the chance and make the trip.  He slowly scooted across the bed over to her; he wrapped his arms around her and gently squeezed her. He moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, “Happy anniversary, my love.” She yawned and molded herself to him. She pressed her back against him and he could feel her relax, as they began their anniversary trip together.




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 07/05/2020.


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