Debora Amstad


How can you live

How can you breathe

How can you walk trough life, even thought you know I'm out there...

With a heart that beats just for you, but you don't care...


How can you forget

How can you be upset, about a person you just met...

I have so many questions

I have so many thoughts, 

but none of it brings you closer to me...

How can you pretend that there is nothing...

Am I the only one who feels that way?

Who doesn't lose faith in us?


I just want to say,

that I never stopped to pray...

I pray that that you wake up and regret. 

I pray that you will never forget.

There was something between us that nobody would understand...

I wish I could go back in time and uncover all this shine...


You played with me,

with my feelings...

For what?

Said you would see something in me, that no one had ever seen before...

Was what a lie or was there even more...?

Maybe you were afraid to let go the past...

And I was your escape.

Why did I deserve this?

Am I not a human for you?


I feel like a distraction.

A distraction from your fear.

You won't get rid of your fear throught me...

They are the demons from your past...

They will keep comming back until you beat them.


So please tell me

How can you life

How can you go,

withour saying goodbye.

How can you fly

When every breath is a lie?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Debora Amstad.
Published on on 09/21/2020.


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